Saige Week- GOTY 2001 and GOTY 2013 Comparison

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I'm handing this post over to momma because this is weird for a doll to

A post I have been wanting to do for a very long time is to compare Saige to Lindsey. A lot of people think that Saige and Felicity look a like, but actually Lindsey and Saige look more alike, here take a look. 

Here they are dressed in their meet outfits or in Lindsey's case, what I have of her meet outfit. 

So, as for the eyes, Saige has turquoise, like no other doll. 

But Lindsey has blue. 

The eyes are different, but they are both are variation of blue. 

As for their hair, they both have curly hair. Lindsey's being a lot darker and Saige has a dark red, almost brown. 

They both do have the same freckle pattern, 

and face mold. (It's the Classic Mold)

Here are there meet outfits. Saige come with earings, a ring, a dress, and boots. 

Lindsey though, comes with much more. A hairclip, jacket, shirt, skirt, shoes, and sock/tights. 

While these girls both have their differences, 

they are very much alike. 

Lindsey looks like Saige's younger sister. 

So do you think American Girl intended to make the dolls alike to celebrate 12 years GOTYS? (It's NOT 13- Lindsey was out for TWO years. )

Or is just by chance?

Whatever it is, these are both unique dolls, with curly hair, freckles, blue eyes, and the classic mold. 

Thanks mom! ;)
See you tomorrow!

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  1. They do look a lot alike. I really like them both.


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