Saige Week- A Frightening Discovery

7:51 AM

"Alrighty..let's see here...American releases..I wonder if there is anything for me?" 

Abgaile walked into the room. 

"Wait..I'm not on her any more...WHO IS THIS ISABELLE? WHAT!?" 
"Hey Saige! You writing a blog post?"
"I...I don't understand..." 
"What? Sorry for asking." 

Abgaile hoped up onto the chair to see what her friend was doing.

Saige looked up at her friend with teary eyes, "What..what.. I don't understand."

"Oh Saige..I thought you knew...hold on, I'll..I'll go get help!" And with that, she scurried off to go find past GOTYs.

Saige shut the laptop and started to bawl. 

"Ladies, Saige has discovered Isabelle."
"Now? What does she live under a rock or something? I mean, really, spoilers have been out for months!"
"Mia! Come on, we've all been here before."
"Yes, we need to go help Saige."
"We can't overwhelm her, so we should go individually." 

Mia went first because she's done this the most amount of times.
"Saige? Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it.?"
"No! Go away! Momma sent you didn't she?"
"No Saige, she didn't. I'm here to help you."
"What do you know about what I'm going through?"
Mia held Saige's hand.
"I too, was Girl of the Year, you know. 2008. I too was retired." 
"Oh yeah. "

Saige looked at Mia.
"So, how do you deal with it?"

Mia moved the laptop, and sat Saige and herself up. 
"My family an friends. They are always there when I need them."

"Hey Saige."
"Lindsey, you probably had it the hardest of us all. Being you know, the first."
"No, just don't let it bug you. Your still here, Saige. Your still loved."

"We all love you."

"Hey guys!"
Saige laughed. 
"So, you feeling better about Isabelle?"
"Yeah, I just hope she doesn't join the family."
"If I were you, I'd hope she join the family. I mean, look at how Kanani and I turned out! We are best friends! And when she came out, I hated her guts. I wish she never existed!" 

"Excuse me?" 
This time everyone laughed. 

"Thanks everyone. I feel better now, but all everyone seems to post about now is Isabelle."

So, the girls decided that this next week, Wednesday to Wednesday, it would be Saige Week. All about Saige. 

And then, per Saige's request, they went to go eat pancakes. 

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