Our New Years Eve - Surprise Birthday Party!

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You may or not remember, but last time I posted, (Adventuring In...Fredricksburg! on December 31st) at the very end I told you we heard somebody yelling "Surprise!" Well, here is the answer to that story. 

Kanani and I went on that vacation as a birthday present from momma. Kanani's birthday is December 25th, and mine is December 27th. 

When we came home, we found all of our sisters (not brother- Connor was preparing for his "surgery" lol), standing in the decorated dinning room and screaming, yes, "Happy Birthday!"

Kanani and I were in awe that our sister's would do that for us!

There were treats, noisemakers (it was New Years, after all), 

a birthday sign!

and the wall of streamers in the kitchen!

"Wait.."Kanani said. I gave her a strange look- wasn't she thankful for all this? "This should be Caroline and Mia's party too." 

"Yeah, she's right." I said in agreement. Nani smiled at me. Because Caroline and Mia's birthday is right near Momma's, right near when she goes to the AG place, they don't get to do anything special for their birthday. From my understanding (I wasn't there) they did have a nice party the year before. But nothing this year. I guess what makes their birthday so special is that because it's near momma's they usually get whole outfits from American Girl. Which is pretty cool. :) 

So, Saige stood on a chair to wright Caroline and Mia's name next to our's on the banner. 

Now, the party is perfect. Caroline and Mia gave Kanani and I a big bear hug! 

"Okay!" Saige began (who seemed to be the coordinator of this party), "sit down and close your eyes..

so we can give you your presents!" I have to say- I was pretty amazed. I didn't expect presents after such an AWESOME party!

"Okay..open your eyes!" Saige said after something was plopped on our laps. 

We opened our eyes..

what could it be?

Kanani got a Furby! (If you remeber from our "A Very Merry Christmas Part 2", Kanani really wanted a Furby of her own- while we just got 2 to share with the WHOLE family!)

Kanani thanked everyone, "Oh wow! Thank you! I really did want a Furby for just me!"

What did I get? I got a pig stuffed animal and a little squishy piggy too! I thanked my siblings. 

Then, momma came in. "Oh, what have we here?" she asked.

"We threw a surprise party for Abagaile and Kanani!" Lindsey said happily. 

Momma smiled, "Oh yes, it is their birthday." We didn't think Momma had gotten us a present, because we knew our big present was being able to go on vacation with her.

She winked, and put an Elsa doll on Kanani's lap. I seriously thought Kanani had a heart attack. SHE FREAKED OUT. I'm not going to type it up, because it went on for literally TEN MINUTES. I've never seen her so happy!

Once Kanani was done with that (finally), Momma gave me an Anna doll! Okay, so MAYBE just maybe, I freaked out too. Kanani and I both LOVE Frozen! I especially like Anna because she looks like me. :) 

"AND," Saige added, "we decided that this should be Caroline and Mia's birthday too!" 

Momma nodded in approval then said, "I know it's already been your birthday, but is their anything you'd like?" They looked at each other, and it was decided that when Connor goes through his "surgery" while momma's at it, she'd give both of them a limbs tightening. (they needed it badly...so does Kanani) 

After, my sisters said they had an even BIGGER treat for us! They "rented" out the upstairs TV so we could watch the ball drop!

First, we watched some TV. I asked to watch Duck Dynasty. So, momma went to go find one that was also appropriate for Molly to watch. While she was doing that, Kanani's request was to watch "Too Cute!" the first one we watched was the holiday special- and we watched another one about puppies. 

Then, we watched Duck Dynasty! 

By now, Connor was able to come and join us. :) 

Until midnight, we spent the time playing Mario Kart Wii, and Xbox Kinect. It was super fun! 

PS: Happy New Year!!!

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