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Well, January is almost over and I still haven't posted my thoughts on Isabelle. Well with Saige Week, re-doing the blog, and the craziness of the snow (it's most likely snowing again tonight!) I haven't had the chance to. Which is odd, because I have some strong opinions on Isabelle. So let's get started. ;) 

First off- I want to talk about her hair. Everyone I've seen so far are just like, "Her hairpiece is so much lighter then her hair!", and I'm just like, "THAT'S WHAT OMBRE IS." Ug. But I have to say, I'm impressed with it. (from what I've seen). You may remember, I was very nervous about her hair. I still think Isabelle is a little girl just trying to grow up too fast. 

Onto her meet outfit. I like it. Unlike Isabelle's hair, her outfit is childish. Which I like- remember she's suppose to be around 9.  Also, this is the first shirt and top piece we've had in a while. I know dresses are easier for production, but think about it- Saige had a dress, Mckenna had a dress (she had leggings but that's not really a shirt and pants), Kanani had a dress, Lanie had a dress, Chrissa and Gwen had a dress but Sonali did have a shirt and pant combo. That's been quite a while. 

I don't like the look of her pant material. And, I seem to be the only one that noticed that her shoes are the same model (except they are sandals) as the Mix-and-Match flower skirt and sweater outfit. But really, look at it. 

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the doll herself. I have not even yet mentioned that she look a lot like Lanie. But I do understand that hazel eyes and blonde hair is a very popular combination, and that there is no MAG like it. But I think Isabelle should of been saved for around 2015. A lot of people are also comparing her to Marisol, but 
1. they did extremely different types of dance
2. dance is very popular
3. that was almost a decade ago when Marisol came out (9 years actually)
4. (this is the big one) Marisol's story is more about her moving and how she dealt with it. Moving is often a sad tale for girls and a hard thing for them to go through (I should know) but one thing I don't like is that they sugar-coated Marisol's story..she only moved from the city to the suburbs. But this post isn't about Marisol. ;)

Another thing to note is that Isabelle is also interested in sewing- so not just dancing. Good. It's about time one of these doll's wasn't interested in just one thing. 

I think rather than buying Isabelle herself, I'll buy a MAG and name her Isabelle (have her be a dancer)so she can wear her awesome jacket. :)

Another option I'd like to note is that you have the option of getting Isabelle's ears pierced. Of course though, it's about 15 dollars extra. 

Speaking of dollars, if you didn't know already, Isabelle is 120$. Which I suppose pays for her awesome hair piece. 

All in all, she's okay. They could of done better. But remember-

they could of done way worse. They could of used an ugly face mold like McKenna's or Marie Grace's. 

Isabelle's accessories. I just love the jacket. I really honestly do. Everything about it. The jacket is why I'm buying a MAG and naming her Isabelle. I JUST LOVE THE JACKET. The downer is that Isabelle's name is written all over it. On the back, it has Isabelle's signature weird jumping person and it say's "Hart Dance Studio" which I like, because I have a few friends who are dancers and most dance studios have jackets, and when they wear them, it always says something like that. And yes, their name is on it too. So, nice attention to detail AG. 

The card is pretty much a rip-off from McKenna's collection. The bus pass- WHO LET'S A NINE YEAR OLD ALONE ON A BUS IN A BIG CITY? I mean, what kind of logic is that? So, both pieces are useless, pretty much. 

The hair clip is cute. I approve. 

The hand warmers are cute-ish. I'd prefer if they were more like finger less gloves. Because honestly, they look like wrist bands, or hair scrunchies. Note that they match a pair of the legwarmers from Isabelle's legwarmer set. 

The purse is cute. Matches her shoes. I don't really use purses much in my dollhouse, but I think this is a nice touch. A bit sparkly for my taste, but whatever. 

Woah. Being a sewer myself, I of course really do LOVE this. A bit too pink. But I like the purple. I wish the sewing machine wasn't purple because well, sewing machine's aren't really purple. I like the little accessories they added..the needles, the thread. Really cute. The dress form is awesome, but where you keep it? Everything is suppose to be able to store up inside..but what about the dress form? 
Think about it. 

I like the pictures on the bulletin board, I like the hat box, and the sewing supplies box. I like the caddy type things on the wall. I really do. I also really do like the fact that it closes up into a little dance barre. Great thinking AG. I also really like the gold finishes. 

But I don't like the stool at all, or yes, the color of the sewing machine, the pattern on the hat box, and a few others here and there.

But the goods do really outweigh the bad. 

This is the most useful GOTY "big item" since Lanie's camper. Of course, it's one of the most expensive. 

Tutu! YAY! Not a dog, cute name, cute collar. She's had a lot more thought put into her then the other GOTY pets recently. I think though they should of tossed the bus passes and gloves in the accessory set and just put her in instead. 

Doing hair is one of my favorite parts about my dolls. Buns are one of my favorite styles for dolls like Mia. So, the "perfect bun" seems pretty great. There was a tutorial using this on Doll Diaries. It does work really well from what I've seen. The stickers and bobby pins- useless. The hair ties I'm not sure if there the cheap kind or nice kind (there is a difference) so I can't tell you about those yet. They look like the nice kind- but stock pictures are usually pretty deceiving. I don't like the sparkles on the shoes though. And I don't like the price- but who does anyway? 

The barre! I haven't seen a lot about this yet, But I have to say, I'm pretty intrigued. 

First off people are like "You can only get one pair of ballet shoes for her and it's in her dance case!" NOT TRUE. There are some really nice ones in this set and in her Performance set. So yeah. 

I like the water bottle and mat, and I like how they have her name, but I'm confused with the straps. They just look too long for me. I'm not really sure what to say here.  I'm not really sure what they are used for even.

Her PJ's! Which don't really look PJ ish. I mean, who sleeps in a headband and a bedazzled shirt? But I think the shirt would be a nice day shirt and once again- that headband matches the leg warmers, arm warmers, and coral sweater. Hmm. 

The pants look like hip-hop pants. lol. But I like them. And the slippers aren't sandals, finally. I like her PJ's. PJ's seem to be the one thing my doll's aren't short on in their constantly growing family, but if I ever need a pair, I'll be picking these up. 

I really just really like this. 

The crown is a nice touch, I like that the leotard and leggings are a "onesie" and not a separate piece, because some girls do not feel comfortable just wearing a leotard. (which there is nothing wrong with- I'm not really comfortable in leotards myself) So I applaud that AG. I like the flower on the leotard too- I just wish it was more on her shoulder. 

As we have already seen on the Doll Wardrobe, the tutu can easily be worked into a modern, casual outfit. But this tutu is different than the others AG currently offers. The mesh comes down in wave like patterns against the front. Interesting...

The set also comes with a sports sweatband type thing with a flower on it. This outfit is suppose to be fancy, and I think the sweatband takes away from that. 

The shoes I just love. 

This dress confuses me a bit to tell you the truth. I don't know if it's a shirt and skirt and you can take them apart or what. I can tell you one thing- I hate the sequins at the bottom. uck. Once again, the shoes and belt match the legwarmers, arm warmers, headband, and coral sweater. I know coral is one of Isabelle's colors but I'm surprised it is all the exact same shade.  

It also comes with leggings, with the weird jumping girl, yet again. 

Once again, I am disappointed in the GOTY fancy party dress. I didn't like Saige's, McKenna's, or Kanani's that much (I'm not a fan of velvet- but I love the shoes and headband.), and I don't recall Lanie having a party dress. 

I only have two GOTY party dresses- Kanani's (in store purchase), and Chrissa's. Isabelle's will not be adding to that. Her's just looks like it was thrown together at the last minute, with all this stuff just slammed on it. 

So, mix-and-match time! I'm pleased that this was added into Isabelle's collection. 

The rose leotard. I really really like this. I definitely want a leotard from Isabelle's collection (I only have two- the blue velvet one from the ice skating set and Molly's from her tap outfit) and surprisingly, they are used a lot in my house..but I do really want a more simple one. And hey- for ten bucks, this is a pretty good deal. I like the flower and everything. 

The wrap sweater. Just like McKenna's hmmm? I like this, but I don't think I'm going to buy it. A lot of dancers wear things like these, so I'm glad they gave one to Isabelle. 

First off I'd like to say I like that this leotard has sleeves, even though they are very short. 

I really just HATE the gold on this. Hate, hate, hate. It's just very ugly in my opinion. 

There has been a lot controversy about this "dance bra" A lot of people are freaking out about it. I've seen things like, "AG why u selling bras for young girls". Well, remember, AG sold bras in there underwear/underclothing MAG line. A lot of other people are like "my dance studio would never allow this!" Well, some do. Usually no, not when you are doing ballet. But when you do hip-hop or jazz, this is very common dance wear. 

I do like this piece, the strap is a bit odd, but I guess AG thought we might not like just a plain, simple one for 12$. 

Ah! The sparkles! I'm not someone who really likes sparkles myself, but surprisingly enough, I do like this skirt. Put some black leggings under it..BAM! lol sorry. But I do like this, and considering it's only 12$, I like this a lot more. ;) I do think the string is a little too long though. And, I don't see any elastic, so I'm curious how it stays on the doll. 

The Funky Leggings. Yes, they are very funky...I just don't really know what AG was going for on this one. I've never seen anyone wear something like this. Maybe the two designers making this were arguing because one wanted sequins and one wanted a they compromised and made this? 

To tell you the truth, I  really don't like the ribbon, the sequins are OK..but Isabelle's collection has a bit too many sequins and sparkles. 

Like a few other pieces, I'm just confused about this one too. Well, then again, give a nine year a sewing don't know WHAT could happen! ;) 

I'm not a fan of this. I don't like pattern. It looks like it's see-through-y. I just don't really like this one. 

GAHH I LOVE IT. Haha. Not overly done on the sparkles (yay!) just enough to make you feel special. 

I'm not sure how the scrunched leg stays up, the elastic doesn't look like it's meant to do that. But I still like it. :)


I think I may get this piece, it matches the Rose Leotard, and the only leotard I have is orange. I love tutus. 

I also really like this piece too.. I don't know if the pink ones are leggings or just those knee high socks. I hope they are knee high socks. The gray ones look really super small though!

Now this piece, everyone seems to freak out and just love. 

I have to say, I am on that train too. 


AG must of known that so they made it the most expensive piece of her collection. Hmm. 

Overall I have mixed thoughts about Isabelle's collection. The doll herself is nice, but I don't want her. She has some very well thought out pieces, and some umm..not so thought out ones. Isabelle's seems to be even more fashion forward than Saige, stunning us all with the Mix-and - match collection. For, American Girl has done things they haven't yet. So while Isabelle is like Lanie look wise, she brings a lot to the table that's all her own. 

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  1. I agree, I love the coral sweater. I like Isabelle a lot. I also don't really think the stool is good because AG dolls can't sit without a back on the chair.

  2. Wow, that took me 10 minutes to read! LOL
    The reason that Isabelle's things are more fashionable than Saige's is because 1. Saige lives in the desert, so... you know 2.Isabelle's a designer!!!! Designers love fashion, obviously.
    I don't like Isabelle, though. The only thing I 'd buy from her collection's her Performance Outfit, and that's too expensive.
    So, yeah. I don't like Isabelle. Rating: 3 1/2 out of 10.

    1. Haha! Yes, I tend to be a bit wordy at some times. :)

  3. Great review!!!



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