It's A Fresh New Start

10:41 AM

Well, this post I wasn't expecting to post today.

To tell you the truth, I never expected to post or any day. 

No, no, I'm not leaving. I don't think I could ever say that. 

But one day, I suppose, I will have to. 

But not today.


today, calls for a fresh new start. 

The beginning of something new. 

But the end of something old(ish). 

So, yes. Our AG Adventures has come to an end. 

But, The Dolls on Sweet Nokia just getting started. 

So, here's to a new year.
A new start.
A new blog.


Okay, enough of that sappy stuff. ;)

But yeah, I'm starting fresh. 
Our AG Adventures was starting to bug me. I felt like all I could post about was my American Girl Doll's adventures. 

But what about the other dolls?

I've become interested in a lot of other doll brands recently too.

Hearts 4 Hearts,
Disney Animators Collection (OMG DID YOU SEE THEY MADE A KRISTOFF?)
Oh and yeah, anything Frozen related. lol
Monster High
La Dee Da,

So, now, I don't feel limited. I feel like I can do anything. Talk about any dolls. I like this change. Which is weird, because I hate change. ;)

That's just about it.

Welcome to The Dolls on Sweet Nokia Street I guess :}

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5 lovely comments

  1. Why don't you like Our AG Adventures?
    Are you gonna change your blog name? If so, what's the new name? The thing is, I'm not sure I'll check out your blog again if you start posting about other kind of dolls more and AG less. Why? Because I'm only interested in AG. I'll still view your blog though, just not as often. Sorry:(

    1. My dolls didn't post too much about their "adventures" we posted more photostories, and crafts, and hairstyles. Around November I did my first non- AG review post. It was a Kristoff doll. I really like to do that! So, when I do a review post now- it just feels WRONG. Because, it's Our AG Adventures. It's mostly American Girl. But maybe, once a month or so, you'll take a look into my small doll collection. The new name The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street. It's mostly AG. Really- the posting style and amount won't change much. I hope you understand! If you have anymore questions, please ask!!

    2. Great! I'll spread word immediately!


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