I'm Just as Good as Isabelle! (Part 1)

3:55 PM

(Introduction or Prologue- if you want to be fancy) 

Lanie was absolutely FURIOUS when she saw Isabelle! But not the same way Saige was. She couldn't believe American Girl made her "split personality" as some may call it. Lanie decided that if Isabelle could dance- she could too! 
"How hard could it be?" she thought. 
So, she called the local dance company that her sisters, Abagaile (who does jazz) and Molly (who does tap) went to. They said they had a class for her age group in beginning ballet, but only one student attend right now, the others had ranked up apparently.   
So, Lanie borrowed her siblings dance bag, wore her sister's Mia ice skating leotard (she looked it up and saw that ballet dancer's wore that), and watched a YouTube video on how to make a sock bun. She was unsure what shoes to wear, so she wore sneakers. 

"Well, I guess this is the place." I said. 

The lady at the front desk told her me I had to wear a tutu and tights. So I looked through my sister's bag hopping they would have that in their bag. 

As soon as I found them, I put them on in the bathroom next door. Just in time too, because the other student showed up. I quite surprised to find out who she I mean, he was! 

"Connor?" I said, very startled to find my brother in my ballet class! 

Connor looked just as startled to see my there! "Look, it helps with football. Or at least it's suppose to." He rolled his eyes and continued, "But it's pretty cool, I guess. You better not tell anyone!" I nodded my head in agreement. My brother is not someone to mess around with. "The teacher's coming! Come on!"

Connor stood up against the mirror and I followed his lead. 

The teacher came in and barely noticed me. She said to Connor, "Connor, you practiced your number right?" Connor said yes. "Good, good! Oh and you must be the new student!"

The teacher came up to me and told me her name was Ms. S and asked me my name. 

"Lanie." I told Ms. S. 

"Alright then! Come sit down next to me and watch Connor work his magic!" she said with a dramatic arm gesture. 

We sat down, and Ms. S shouted, "First Position!" Connor held his hands in front of him and twisted his feet outwards. Then, second, third, fourth, and fifth position were called. 

Then, Ms. S put on the music and we watched Connor perform a routine. I somewhat hate to say this- but he was really good. Ms. S thought differently. "Point your toes!" she shouted, "Head up!" she kept saying. 

Then, she told me it was my turn.

I gulped.

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  1. Do you plan on getting Isabelle? I'm having a giveaway with That's Lolli on my blog http://agfanblog2013.blogspot.com.
    Please enter. Thanks!

    1. Well...kinda maybe. ;) I'm working on a post about her soon! I will enter for sure!

  2. What's the font that you use on your blog, Chloe?

    1. Mika, sorry for the late response! I believe it is either Indie Flower or Josefina Sans.

    2. :D Thank you! Oh, it's fine!


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