Frozen Figures Play-set Review!

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Well, it's less then 20 degrees outside, and For the First Time in Forever, it's actually SNOWING! Don't worry, I got some great photos. :) So, while I'm warming up by the fire, now seems like a good time to type up this Frozen review! 

What I'm reviewing today is the Disney Frozen Figure Play-set. It is no longer on the Disney website (along with a lot of other Frozen items) so I can not tell you the price because it's a Christmas present. ;) 

Here are some in-box shots: 



Kristoff and Sven 

Box Details; 





This box was really easy to open a few tape slides to cut. 

After, you need to pull the characters out. For most of them it was pretty easy, but I would like to not I had a difficult time with Anna, Kristoff, and Hans. 

Trash. :P The top is really nice- I preserved it for crafts. 

So, first, let's take a look at Elsa. She is really pretty. While she does have a lot of glitter on her, it doesn't shed.

She's holding a snowflake in one of her hands. 

She does have some writing on her bottom- copyright 2013 DISNEY 

Here is Elsa's back. I'm very surprised in the detail of her hair. 

Her dress is molded like in the movie, and the shapes are covered in glitter. The glitter placing isn't perfect- but considering her size, it's pretty amazing. 

Here's a close up look of her face- her face paint and makeup are very well done. 

On to Anna! I'm not really sure if she's suppose to be facing this way,

or this way with her head facing over her shoulder..

Either way, her face make-up is very heavy..and pretty ugly. 

The detail on her cape, 

and dress (not to mention- look at her boots!) is AMAZING. 

Now, onto everybody's favorite reindeer- Sven! 

His face is out of focus in this picture, but his lead and harness type thing is in focus. Like the rest of this set, the detail is super! 

The back of Sven. 

This reindeer is super awesome! There is even detail in his FUR. 

Olaf's turn! ;) 

The back of Olaf. 

Olaf's paint looks as though it has cracks, and I'm not sure what it is. I think it's just..paint cracks. 

Here is Hans.

The attention to detail (look at his jacket!) is truly just amazing. 

His eyes though, look a little lifeless. :( 

The jacket is just so amazing I can't get over it. 

The boots! 

Another shot of Hans. I really just love this figure! 

Last but not least- Kristoff. Like Anna, Kristoff also has that awkward head glance thing. 

What is he looking at?

His legs.


Here is Kristoff Doll's shoe next to Figure Kristoff. I'd like to point out that there is a very significant color difference. 

I'm really very disappointed with this Kristoff. Kristoff's clothing is different colors, and his "belt" is red. His underclothes are suppose to be blue, but turned out more of a grey. :( 

Here are all the charecters together. They all are great and exceeded my expectations- except Kristoff. 

These figures are very well worth the price and I recommend them! 

Here they are in comparison to Mini (sitting) LaLaloopsy, and a mini American Girl. 

Hans and Elsa are my favorite from this set. The attention to detail on these two is simply outstanding. 

Stay tuned for more Frozen posts in the future! AND tune in tomorrow for a fun snow post with Elsa and Lindsey. :) 


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