Building an..Ice Man? {Photostory!}

4:03 PM

"Hey Caroline!" I said happily to my sister. "Whatcha doin?"

"Nothing much. I've done everything I wanted to do in the snow.."she replied, a little less happy then I was.

"Oh. Well have you built a snowman?" I asked her.

Her face lit up. "No! That's a great idea!" 

"But.. I don't know how to build one...Do you?" 

"Not really. I think you start with making some snow..or err ice in our case..balls and stack them on top of each other." 

"Yeah I guess that'll work. Come on!" she said enthusiastically. 

So started with a large ball for the bottom. It took a while to get the ice to break down into snow, and our fingers were freezing, but we were to excited to stop! 

It was kind of small, but we really didn't care! 

After we made the first one, a little bit farther away we made another one and plopped it on top! 

"Majestic!" my sister giggled. 

"Last but not least..the third one!" Caroline said. 

"I got it!" I said as I started to make another. 

While I did that, Caroline smoothed out the edges on the other. 

*Plop!* Went the third one! 

I asked my sister, "How should we decorate it?" 

"Well, he needs a scarf." Caroline said matter-o-fact-ly and took off hers and gave it to the snowman. 

But nothing else would stick to our snowman! Caroline said she had an idea though..and she turned this..

into this! He was so cute! We decided to name him: Jeffery. 

Caroline and I had "snow" much fun building Jeffery! 

See you soon! 
Lindsey :) 

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