White Lights- A Christmas Family Photoshoot!

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I absolutely love doll family portraits! I wasn't to pleased with my last one, and I haven't yet taken one with Connor yet (surprisingly) so I am very excited with the results of this one! 

But whatever- I spent quite a while today and yesterday dressing my dolls up in their fancy Christmas outfits and doing their hair, and then this morning, finally doing their Christmas photoshoot! 

I took like...a gazillion photos, and chose three to make a Christmas card-

I made the card on Picmonkey, it was so fun to make! 

Okay, okay, now onto the photos! 

I really, really love this family photo. I'll show you how I get them all staggered at the end if your curious. ;) 

Here it is in color:

And here is one a little less...bright:

And one with colored lights....

I also took family pictures like this:

Black & White

Color (zoomed in)

Another shot

Okay, now for selfies! 

First up, Caroline! Okay, let me just say- one of the best pictures I have taken of this doll. 

And, going with the theme, Caroline in Black and White! 

(look at her hair  :D) 

Hanging my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE ornament on the tree! 

Mia! (This needs to be cropped a little)

Mia in B&W!

Okay- it's official. This is my favorite photo of Lanie EVER!


Kanani! I'm so happy with how her hair looks! I spent most of yesterday fixing it up...love the result! 

Look at those curls! :D 

Molly! So sad to think this is her last Christmas being an American Girl historical. But, this is my favorite photo of Molly. For sure. 

Or is it better in black and white? 

Lindsey! I absolutely love the way this doll looks in blue! 

Lindsey in B&W

Saige! May I  just say- I love the way I did her hair! 

I love this photo EVEN BETTER in Black and White! 

My cute little Connor! LOOK AT HIS VEST! 

Black and White adorableness! 

Then I took BFF photos! lol 

Caroline & Mia- Best friends since the begging, best friends till the end. 

Lanie & Kanani! 

Saige and Abagaile 

Molly and Lindsey

Saige and Molly- not BFF's - but they are both being retired this year! 

Caroline and Connor- twin power! 

Molly and Saige in B&W (used on the Christmas card)

Lastly, how I staggered the dolls! 

(excuse Caroline's feet lol)

As you can see, our tree is pretty far off the ground, and if stood them up, the bottom of the tree would just barely touch their heads. Now, the wrapped "presents" are really just boxes. We have a puppy, and it's her first Christmas, and she likes to tear up EVERYTHING. So we didn't want to put presents under the tree have her tear them up, so we wrapped boxes to see what she would do, nothing so far. ;) So, I used the boxes for them to stand on, and CD's for a few of them so we could see their heads. 

The dolls standing on the boxes! :D 

I also used boxes for their "selfies" 

I hoped you all enjoy! 



Oh, and totally random question here, how many of you are off on break already? We still have a WHOLE WEEK to go. UGGGGHHHHHH

And, before I go, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Doll Diaries for featuring us this week! :D We were featured once before, and we felt so honored! But being featured again...wow! Thank you! 

And thank you to Katie Rain from Mckenna Girl of the Year 2012 (check out her blog here: http://mckennagirloftheyear.blogspot.com/ ) for awarding us! 



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  1. The girls here still have another week in school, too!

    ~Mika & the dollies

  2. Hi!
    I just love your family pictures! The black and whites are very classy.

  3. ooooh!!! I LOVE IT! GREAT JOB! LOL

    -Meghan at Girlydolltype.blogspot.com

  4. I got a puppy last week, it is his first Christmas with us also. NOTHING is safe in our house.


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