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5:59 PM

Hi guys :} 
We went on a little vacation this weekend. 
I got some amaze photos of the Abagaile and Kanani. They'll post about it tomorrow. 
I also now can say I've been to both Stonehenges. 

So, I thought I should make some New Year's Resolutions...a day early lol. 

Chloe's New Years Resolutions

  1. Add more post series! I know you guys love reading these (multiple of you told me), and I already have one in the joke..I have about half of it done already. 
  2. Less me...more dolls! This blog is mainly suppose to be about the yeah I think I need to let them handle it for a little while (lol)
  3. More photostories. There will be one tomorrow. 
  4. A new design! Yeah we need one of those. 
  5. Complete Connor! <-- That's one of my big things! I ordered his wig (finally, I know) a few days back and once it's here...
  6. Learn to knit..or crochet. 
  7. Learn to embroider! 
  8. Make more things for my Etsy (I start work for it again tomorrow!) 
  9. Get a silicone baby doll. Since around..September maybe..I've really, really, wanted one of those "reborn" baby dolls. No idea why. I just really do. 
  10. Get a Pullip! (Or Dal) 
  11. Read 5 Jane Austen books (almost done with Pride and Prejudice!)
  12. Post MORE! When school starts I hope to do twice a week..not including weekends of course. ;)
  13. More crafts! 
  14. Ummm yeah that's about it 
So those are my resolutions for the blog! 

Here's a photo to make this pointless post a little more fun. :) 

Hearts for Hearts dolls are like...amazing. 

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