How to Style: The on Top of the World French Braid

8:23 AM

Great gravy! It's been simply forever since we've done a hairstyle post for you all! So, I present to you: The on Top of the World French Braid aka: one of my favorite hairstyles! 

You Will Need:
  • yourself
  • misty bottle
  • hairbrush
  • elastics (we used clear ones from the doll store but you can use anything!)
  • (not pictured) optional ribbon

The first three steps you should do for any hairstyle ever. Mist your hair lightly, 

Brush your hair, 

and set your hair part. 

The next step is to take the front part of your hair.

Then, separate it into three parts.

Start at the very front of your head and begin to french braid. If you don't how to french braid, it is just like normal braiding, but before you cross a piece of hair over, you take another section of your hair and add it in. 

We like to stop a bit past our ears, but you can stop anywhere. 

Then, you secure it with a hair tie. 

And if you like, tie a ribbon on it. We did to be a bit more "festive".

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! 

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  1. We ( just LOVE your cite! We added your blog to our blog list if you don't mind :)

  2. What a great simple yet festive hairstyle! I'll HAVE to try it! :)

    -Meghan at

  3. Hello! I would like to give you an award for having such an awesome blog! I love the way that you write! You have an awesome blog/life! Thank You for telling others about your awesome life!!!
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