How to Make Chirstmas Come Faster

11:16 AM

We've all been here before right? It's Christmas Eve and we are SO EXCITED for tomorrow, we just can't contain ourselves! Well, this is what you should do! 

Step 1:

Avoid all things Christmas! 
Seeing Christmas things will make you think about Christmas! And when you think about Christmas, you'll wish it was Christmas! And then you'll realize that tomorrow is Christmas, and you'll want time to go by so badly...umm I think you get the point.

Step 2:

Set a punishment for saying the "C" word. (Christmas)
Ha! You owe me a penny! 

We have a box where each time somebody says the "C" word, you have to chart it and put a penny in the box. Whoever says the "C" word the least, gets all the money. This helps you not think about "C". 

Step 3:

Watch a movie! (or multiple) 

So far, momma and I have watched Tangled, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and later today, we're going to go see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug , later today in the movie theater. 

Step 4:

Make a stop motion!

Stop-motions are fairly time consuming- and not to mention fun! 

Step 5:

Go roller-skating! 

Momma got an early Christmas present- a roller skating outfit for us! So, why not put these new roller skates to good use? ;) 

Step 6: 

Play with your friends!

I'm playing ponies with Molly!

Step 7:

Try on all of the shoes you own!

For me, this could take a looooong time. 

Step 8:

Make a pretty picture! 

(Just don't tell Saige I used art supplies!)

Step 9:

Write a blog post! 

Or two! 

Here are some other ideas if you have already completed this list:

  • go ice skating
  • sew some stuff
  • clean your room
  • do your chores
  • see how many silly faces you can make
  • watch TV
  • make a paper clip chain
  • meet some new dolls
  • take a nap
  • do your homework (if you have any)
  • organize and then, reorganize
  • check out Google's Santa Tracker (it even has a bunch of fun games :D)
  • call loved ones and wish them a Merry Christmas 
  • color organize your closet
  • go get the mail
  • bake

We won't be on tomorrow, but we wish you a VERY Merry Christmas! (to those of you that celebrate it, of course!)

And, Happy Hearts Warming Eve to my fellow bronies out there!


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  1. Happy Hearths Warming Eve!!! This list is very helpful! :)


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