Adventuring In...Fredricksburg!

8:46 AM

Hi everyone! Abgaile here! 

And Kanani! 
And today we are going to show you the vacation momma took us on! We are typing this together, so in-case you are unfamiliar with us, Kanani types her posts in blue, and I type mine in purple. Momma posts in black. 

Anna and Elsa also joined us during this trip, but they were only un-boxed a few days before so their personalities haven't really been "shown yet". So, they were pretty quiet, and didn't do much during this trip. 

Well, I think we should start when we had to get packed up..

Alright everyone! Hop in! Abagile and Nani in the back, Elsa and Anna in the front! 

"Uggg! How do you even get IN this thing? "

I plopped right in.
"How is that possible?"
"Hey, I had a lot of experience when I had to pick you up! " 
A year ago, Kanani and Momma came to American Girl Place LA to come pick me up and take me home! They flew to come get me, and it was very special because Kanani was the first doll I got to meet from my new family. In this way Kanani and I always had a very special relationship! 

Momma put Anna and Elsa in. 

She pushed us to the back, 

and zipped us up!

Next thing we knew, we were at a state park! 

It was very beautiful there! You were walking under a canopy of trees! 

Nani and I started to climb some! 

How amazing is this picture? 

We found this really cool path too! 

Then, we rested on a bench for a while. 

We climbed some more trees, but it was quickly discovered that Kanani was the superior tree climber. 

We had finally reached the waterfall! It was so beautiful there! 

I went to a little animal thing and above is my collage of photos. ;) 

Another things the girls didn't go to was Stonehenge! Well, a fake one an artist built 2/3 of the size.

Once we got home..we heard "SUPRISE!" But more on that next time. 

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