A Very Merry Christmas {Part 4}

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The last and final part of "A Very Merry Christmas" is here! To read Part 1, click HERE , to read Part 2 click HERE , and to read Part 3 click HERE . 

Now, back to the story!

There was still one present left under the tree from Santa. 

"Well, who's it for?" Connor asked abruptly. 

Kanani calmly replied, "I think it's for the pets."

So they called in the pets. 

Chocolate Chip was so silly! He put the bow on his head. 

The dogs (and bunny) tore open the paper with their teeth and paws, to find themselves some new toys! 

"While we have all the pets rounded up, let's have them open their present from me." Momma suggested. 

They all agreed that was a good idea. 

Lanie added sarcastically, "Gee, I definitely don't think it's a food bowl."

Like Lanie predicted, it was a food bowl. 

"Caroline, you get to go first!" Momma said.

"Oh wow! This box is HUGE!" Caroline noted. 

"How lovely!" Caroline admired her new clothing. "I got a sweater, a hoodie, and a blue t-shirt."

"My turn!" Mia smiled.

"Yes! I got some new glitter so I can be-dazzle my stuff!" Mia concluded. 

Now, it was Lanie's turn. 

"Momma, I adore your wrapping paper choice!" Lanie said.

"EEEEK!! I got a Kindle!" 

Now, it was Nani's turn. 

"Thank you momma! I really wanted this Holiday Belle doll!" Kanani was pleased. 

"Aw! The reindeer is so cute!" Molly smiled.

Molly screamed, "AAAAHH!! I got the Maximus pony I wanted!!" 

Abagaile went next. 

"Oh my goodness! I got the new BEAR PAW!" Abagaile thanked her mother. 

(sorry so blurry!)
"I wonder," Lindsey began, "what this could be?"

"Awesome! I got a LEGO snowman kit!" 

Saige got a large box from momma. 

"How sweet! I got the rubber duck family!" Saige smiled. 

Connor also got a Picachu figure. 

"Momma, did you get anything for us from your family?" The girls and boy asked her. 

"Well..." Momma began. 

"We did get three outfits from that botique in Florida where grandpa got us that early Christmas present, and where we got those shoes for my bithday."

"There's this cute Native American Outfit..."

"A cute little black and yellow outfit."

"And this spring dress."

"I also got some Frozen toys for you girls. And Anna and Elsa joined the family..you'll have to meet them soon!"

"I also got Emily's Holiday dress and the Science Lab Set." 

Talk about a messy dollhouse!

"And Molly, I think you'd be especially pleased with this new bed..;)"

The rest of the day, the dolls spent together as a family enjoying their new toys, and celebrating Jesus's birth!

Merry Christmas & Happy Dollidays


here are some human things I got xxx chloe

(new iphone5 s!)

I also got a ton of my little pony stuff,

and yes, the canon rebel t3i.

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