A Very Merry Christmas {Part 3}

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Continuing on with A Very Merry Christmas! If you have not read Part 1, click HERE, and you can read Part 2 HERE. Just a bit of a "heads up" this will be the longest part of  "A Very Merry Christmas." Part 4 will be the very last part! Also, my "What I Got for Christmas" video is now up on my Youtube! Click HERE to watch it!

Now let's see..where were we...ah! Molly was just about to open her stocking. 

"Oh goodness! I wonder what it could be!" Molly announced to her sisters and brother. 

Molly's face lit up with delight as she opened up her stocking, "Oh wow! Santa left me a shiny Cherilee trading card, two candy canes, a little lamb stuffed animal, a Dorothy figure from The Wizard of Oz, and A CALICO CRITTER!!" Molly gleefully shouted. 

"You lucky duck!" Saige said. 

"Finally! It's my turn!" Abagaile said with a breath of relief. 

"Oooh! I got a BUNCH of Christmas music for my piano and guitar! I got Jingle Bells, O Little Town Bethlehem..."she rambled on, "And I got a purse for my doll, a little pig stuffed animal, two candy canes, and a little piggy flashlight!"

Momma handed Lindsey her stocking. Lindsey thanked her. 

"I got some party invitations, so I can invite all my friends over! I too got two candy canes, a paddle ball game, a cute blue dog stuffed animal, and the totally amazing Playmobil princess doll!" said Lindsey happily. 

"Hehe! Look at the giraffe!" Saige giggled. 

BEST PRESENTS EVERRR!!!" Saige began, " I got a giraffe stuffed animal, two candy canes, two American Girl sticker sheets (Addy and Julie) and a mini paint set!"

"Finally, my turn!" Connor rolled his eyes and laughed with his sisters. 

"Sweet!" he said, "I got two of these awesome little figurines, two candy canes, a soccer ball.."

"And this little hat!" Connor and his sisters died laughing. 

"Now, why don't you girls open your presents from Santa Claus?" Momma asked.
They all agreed that was a pretty good idea. 

"Momma, may I please go first? My present isn't err wrapped." Kanani asked.


"Oooh! I got Mrs. Claus 's cookie recipe and cookie mix!" Nani concluded. 

"Yum! I can't wait to eat that." Lanie admitted. 

"Me too!" Connor agreed. 

Next, it was Lanie's turn to open her present from Santa Clause but first,

she needed to put the bow on her head. ;)

"What could it be?"Lanie wondered aloud while her siblings watched her like a hawk as Lanie opened her present. 

"Oh joy! I got this awesome beanie, the overalls I wanted for when I do yard work, and this cute little neck tie!"

Now, it was Molly's turn.

"Oh my goodness! I got a My Little Pony lunchbox!" Molly shouted with glee. 

"That," Lindsey agreed, "is awesome."

Momma handed Mia her present from Santa. 

"Oooh! It looks...SPARKLY!" Mia said. 

"Wow! It looks like Santa has got some STYLE!" Mia giggled. 

"Saige, you should go next." Momma declared. 

"AHHHH! I GOT AN iPAD MINI!" Saige screamed.

All Saige's siblings "oooohed and "ahhhed" over her new goody. 

"Who should go next?" Caroline asked her sisters and brothers.

"Why don't you?" Kanani suggested. 

Caroline agreed, "Alright." 

Momma handed her present with a dark green bow on top. 

"Oh wow!" Caroline exclaimed, " A Build Your Own Stonehenge! Thank you Santa!" 

"Can I go next please?" Abgaile asked.

"Okay," Momma began," here is your present from Santa." And she plopped Abgaile's present on her lap.

"Jeepers!" Abgaile gleefully said, " It's a mini piano! So now I can play the piano everywhere!" Demonstrating this, she took out the music to "Jingle Bells" which, was in her stocking, and begun to play. 

Now, it was Connor's turn. 

He too, had to put the bow on his head. 

"It's a new basketball! Just what I wanted!" Connor announced. 

Lastly, it was Lindsey's turn. 

Much to her delight, she got a sock monkey and a My Little Pony poster.

Stay tuned for Part 4 (the finale) TOMORROW! 

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