A Very Merry Christmas {Part 2}

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Welcome to Part 2 of...A Very Merry Christmas! If you have not yet read Part 1, you can find it HERE

This post has turned out longer then expected, so if necessary, there will be a Part 3, and maybe, a Part 4. 

Okay, onward with the story! 

I took the girl's advice, and moved the counter and chest-of-drawers out of the way so the're would be room for everyone.

"Wow, it's so open in here!" Caroline exclaimed. 

Mia rolled her eyes and gravely said, "Nani is gonna kill us once she see's what we've done to her kitchen."

"But it's Christmas!" Molly reasoned," she'd never do something like that on Christmas!"

"Alright, alright, enough of this." Caroline declared," Look at how beautiful this room looks!" 

So, they all followed Caroline's advice and looked around the room. 

They all then agreed that yes, indeed, it was beautiful. 

"Oh my!" Caroline's hand flew to her mouth, "Look! A-a couch!"

Mia chimed in, "And a new shoe organizer! Goodie! We've been needing one of those!" 

"Momma, did you make that couch?" Molly asked.

"Yes, do you like it?" momma questioned. 

They all told momma that they in fact, loved it. 

"Man, where have y'all been? We've been waiting forever!" Mia said to the rest of her siblings. 

As soon as everyone was settled, momma began,"Well, if you haven't noticed already, you all got a new shoe organizer and couch." Cheers came from all the girls and Connor. "Yes, yes, well, it looks as though 'Grandma-Claus' has come also." Momma said with a wink. "Who would like to see what she brought us?"

"We do! I do! " came from all the siblings. 

Momma smiled and then said, "Well alright-y then! Connor it looks like she got a present for you." 

Momma handed Connor the toy, and he exclamined, "Wow! This is awesome!" 

"What is it? I can't see from here!" Abagaile asked.

"I got a Hot Wheels!" Connor said. 

"Let's see what else we got here, oh! Two Furby's for you all to share, do you understand?" said momma.

"Wow..that is so cool! I've always wanted a Furby!" Kanani admitted. 

Lanie added, "Yeah, I've always wanted to play with one of those!"

"And, it looks like she left two tote bags!" Momma noted. "And, she said if you liked them, she'd get you all one!" 

"Yeah!!" everyone cheered. 

"Um, momma, can we open up our stockings now? Lindsey mumbled. 

Momma smiled, "Why of course darling!"

"Caroline does get to go first, because she is the eldest." momma explained to everyone. She took Caroline's stocking off the hanger above the fireplace. 

"So what did you get?" Mia asked her sister.

"Hold on, hold on! " Caroline said and smiled, "I'm still opening it!"

"I got two candy canes, a stuffed panda, a teddy bear eraser for my collection, and two books: Little Women and To Kill a Mockingbird. " Caroline announced. 

Her siblings examined all her goodies. 

"Yes!" Mia giggled, "My turn!"

"I got two candy canes, a neon yellow nail polish from dEliah's, a purple marker, a starburst Rainbow Loom bracelet, and this pretty star stone!" Mia said, with her voice filled with glee. 


"My turn!" Laine said as momma handed Lanie her stocking. 

"I got four green alien men from Toy Story, and two candy canes!" Lanie exclaimed happily.

"Aw! Those green aliens are CUTE!" Molly announced.

"It is now time for me to open my stocking!" began Kanani. 

"Okay, okay, I got three dalmatians, from 101 Dalmatians, a bed for them, and two candy canes!"

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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