A Very Merry Christmas {Part 1}

12:59 PM

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope those of you that celebrate it is having a fabulous day with their family and friends. And, to those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you are having a fabulous day also! I had the best Christmas ever! I'll talk more about what I got during part two...but I did get a new camera...the Canon Rebel T3i..so I hope you notice a quality difference. 

Okay, okay, this post style will be a bit different so tell me what you think of it!

This first section of it (when the dolls are asleep) we're taken with my old camera. 

Connor was asleep, 

Lindsey was out like a light, 

Molly, after much hesitation was asleep finally also, 

Caroline was asleep, Mia was..dreaming about who knows what, but she was asleep nonetheless also, 

Lanie, Kanani, and Saige were asleep, and Abagaile had just fallen asleep herself also. 

All nine stockings were hung by the chimney with care. 

And cookies and milk for Santa Clause were out. 

Christmas Morning

(pictures from this point on, are with my new camera)

I couldn't believe the girls overslept! I understand that dolls only get a full nights rest every once in a while, but still! 

The girls awoke to the sound of a camera click. 

"Huh?" Lanie mumbled, awoken from her rest.

Abgaile said, "Five more minutes..pleaseee."

"Wait a second," Saige began, "it's Chirstmas! Today is Christmas!"

"Get up! Get up! It's Christmas everyone! It's Christmas!"

Molly was all snug in her bed, when she heard Saige screaming, "It's Christmas!"

"Wait...it IS Christmas!" Molly said to herself. 

Mia still must be having that strange dream...
Like the girls upstairs, Mia and Caroline woke up with the click of a camera.  

Mia snorted and jerked up, "Huh? What's going on?" she said.

"Mia, it's just momma. Momma...did you get a new camera?" Caroline asked me. 

"Snazzy huh? But it's Christmas, COME ON!"

"Oh my goodness! You're right!" Mia shot up and dashed downstairs with a less enthusiastic Caroline following her. 

Lindsey had not heard the ruckus going on in the rest of the house, so she was still asleep. 

"Wha-? she said.

"Lindsey, honey, get up- it's Christmas!"

"Oh my!" she exclaimed and got out of bed immediately. 

Connor was the last to wake. But, as it turns out, he already was awake and was just waiting for me to come get him. 

"Can I get up now?"  he asked with pleading eyes.

"Yes, now come on!"

The downstairs was all ready for the girls ...and boy to come down. 

Their stocking were stuffed with goodies by Santa Claus, 

and the milk and cookies gone! 

Caroline, Mia (who was feeling quite festive in her party hat), and Molly were downstairs first. They all "ooed and "ahhed" at the array of goodies in front of them. 

They suggested that we move the kitchen island, so their would more room for everyone to sit. 

And that is where we will stop for now! The rest of this post will finish tomorrow. For now, here is a photo I took of Saige today with my new camera! 

It's sort of strange here, we don't get any snow, and the leaves don't fall in Fall, they come down in January- April. 

Happy Holidays! 


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5 lovely comments

  1. Merry Christmas! I got Mia! BTW, are your Mia doll's eyes really really bright green? Not hazel green? Cuz' mine's is. I just did a post about her!


    1. Merry Christmas Mika! My Mia does have hazel eyes, Caroline and Connor are the dolls with the bright green eyes. I'm going to go read your post now!

    2. :) Thanks! Congrats on getting a new camera, it takes amazing photos, but as someone random said, "It's not the camera, it's the photographer!" My Anastasia {Mia} has really really green eyes!


    3. That is very true! But I had probably the worst camera..ever. All my photos would turn out blue (no matter what setting!) so for each photo I post, I had to do some extreme editing. ;) Plus, when I took video, it cut off 20 seconds from the end of it. :P Anastasia is really pretty! Congrats! It is so fun to do hairstyles on Mia!

    4. :) I've been playing with her hair all afternoon!



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