Yes, it's okay to panic.

3:43 PM

American Girl. 

You give me headaches. 

Okay, well. Here we go again. 

Isabelle will dance your way right into your heart! Well, she's almost there. Almost. I'm waiting for official stock photos people. Rumors have been going 'round that this ombre hair we're talking about people. Ombre hair. Just let that sink in. Her book cover looks like ombre hair with red tips. Red tips. AG has caught up on the trend it looks like. 

So, maybe AG has not heard our pleads of multi-cultural dolls. I think we're all in the same boat there. But this is  ombre hair with red tips we're talking about. AG has heard my pleads. The one thing here is that this girl is suppose to be 10. Not 14. There's nothing wrong with dying your hair, it's just that you shouldn't do it when your ten.

This is where I get all "lecturey" like.

We live in a world when young girls try to grow up way to fast. Young girls act way too old for their age. American Girl, congratulations on encouraging that. That just..uck. Okay maybe AG should make a line of dolls called "The Teen Dolls!" for you know, teen trends. It would suite my needs. Quite well, actually. But AG, don't make "Ten Year Olds Pretending to be Teens!" line. Just don't. That's the biggest down factor. 

Now, onto to dancing. When I first heard Isabelle was a dancer, I was like. Great. Looks like I'm not buying any of her stuff! 

Well, in the past few months my thoughts have changed. Dancer? Looks like I'm buying all of her stuff!

Haha. But I heard the world ballet. Yep! I am totally spending a lot of money this year! Better start saving! 

 You see, for half the year I can switch out dance for gym credit. Next year, I could be on my school's dance team. I tried it. 

I love dance. 

Ballet, is my favorite. 

So, that is now why Isabelle and her amazing hair is on my list of stuff to buy. Which currently, looks like this:

New Camera
Science Lab Set
All of Isabelle's stuff. 

Yeah, I'm excited for this doll, but I'm waiting for stock photos to get very excited. You never know, right? 

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7 lovely comments

  1. I'm just hoping this isn't a hoax. At least she doesn't have piercings. {Which is also bad, because then we have to pay $14 just to get her ears pierced. }

    So good and bad.


    1. Yes, that is what I thought at first. But it was the book that gave me hope. ;)

  2. Hmmm, I never thought about that. Perhaps that is why the ombre hair is a hair piece. Maybe she has a funky ballet teacher and for the recital the tips are required instead of buns and she gets them clip ins. That would be an interesting twist.

    1. Hair piece? Oh, I didn't know that. But yes, that could be it, dancers where some very interesting hair stuff occasionally.

  3. Well really, a LOT of girls are dying their hair more when they're 10-12 that 13+ where I live. You know- just a cool streak of color through their hair.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting streaks in your hair! I'm just saying a lot of young girls are doing now a days. And it's not streaks where I live, it's mostly the whole head dyed vibrant neon.


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