Our Generation Retro Set Review

11:12 AM

Happy Sunday! Today we are doing a review of one of the new(ish) accessory  from the Our Generation Retro line that retail for 6$. This one is called "Pretty Nifty" and comes with sunglasses, a purse, and a handkerchief. I'm going to go ahead and say it- Our Generation is a genius. I saw a girl at school with a purse EXACTLY like the one that comes in this set (but the strap was longer). So, smart move with this line OG. Smart move.  

The packing colors is slightly different from the original Our Generation packaging. 

The box appeals to me. 

To open it, we slid of the plastic, 

Then we had to sorta pull/rip it out..

cut a few strings..

And voila! 

The purse opens by detaching some velcro, and the unzipping it. 

There was a LOT of unneeded paper in there. I'm surprised it all fit,honestly. 

Dell (Hearts for Hearts) looks SUPER cute with this purse, we love it on her. 

But, we think the strap should be longer so we can hold it on our shoulder like Dell can. 

The hanky. 

Fairly large when you open it. 

Good size.

Simple, not our favorite piece. 

We were REALLY excited about these glasses...REALLY REALLY excited. I mean, they look so cool! 

So amazing. 

Very beachy like. 

YES! It look amazing. 

But it looks bulky and huge on our face. 


For six dollars we are glad we purchased this set. While the purse strap needs to be longer and the glasses less bulky- we still love the look of this. While it is from the Retro line, it's very modern. 

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2 lovely comments

  1. AWESOME!!! I didn't know you go Dell! She is so cute:-)

  2. It's cute. I like the purse the best.


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