Giveaway with Pepper Jack Trends!

3:03 PM

That's right everybody! Today I'm starting a new giveaway! This one sponsored by..PepperJack Trends...AKA MY Etsy shop! We haven't had a griveaway in a while, so why not start one today? You could win this mustache skirt, here are some pictures: 

How can I enter? 

1. Make sure you are a PUBLIC follower of this site. 
2. Comment down below what you are most thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This contest ends November 31st. 

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6 lovely comments

  1. I follow! I am thankful for my family! Thanks for the cute giveaway!

  2. I am thankful for food on the table, And Amazing Family, and a roof over my head!


  3. I am most thankful for my family, food on the table and an amazing friend (YOU). Btw, I follow :)


  4. I am most thankful for my family, friends, food on the table, and a house to live in. Also dolls! :)

  5. I follow you! I'm most thankful for My Father in heaven, my family, that I have food and a roof over my head, my friends and I can't forget my dolls!!!

  6. When will you announce the winner?


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