Disney Frozen Kristoff Doll Review

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Earlier today, I went to the mall, and of course, I stopped in the Disney Store. I already knew this is what I was going to buy. And yeah, I did. Let's just say I'm very, very excited for the Frozen movie. I also am in love with Kristoff. So, I had very high expectations for this doll. 

He is SO cute. 

What is he looking at?

Here he is in the box.

Side of the box. 

I find it odd, that on the back of the box, there is only animated pictures of Elsa and Anna, no Kristoff or Hann. 

This box was extremely hard to open. It took me over 12 minutes, and the box is in ruins. 

His outfit is mostly made of a fleece fabric, which is movie accurate, but I do not at all like the feeling of fleece. This is very thin fleece though, so I think I can handle it. ;) 

I'm not sure what time period Frozen is supposed to be in, obviously, not modern day. But, it does look very Denmark-y or Finland-y , so we can tell they are from Scandinavia. 

I really do like his hat, it looks really great on him, but it falls off very easily. 

His gloves are my favorite part..I just love them. 

His shirt is all one piece, it's very thick. 

His pants, not the best quality. 

His shoes are really cute, the look like they have been through the snow, with small white flakes. 

I was disappointed with him without clothes, He is so pale! But I guess, he does live in a frozen city. His clothes also make him look really bulky.  

His arms looks great from the side,

But they look too small for him from the front. 

He has click knees like Barbies. 

His face, is great! His nose is really big, I think that adds character to him. He has red cheeks, and a few freckles. His eyes are looking to the side, which I'm not the biggest fan of. He has a pale lip, in a small smile. 

His hair is really metacilly...I like it. 

I really do like the way it looks from the back. 

I noticed a few smudges on mine, this on the back of his arm being the largest. 

Here he is with my Ken's. Now, the two dressed Ken's are the Ken Fashionista dolls, the newd Ken is from around 2005, and is chubbier then the other Ken's and can't share pants with them. 

I first tried on this Ken's Fashionista shirt. 

Which worked horribly. 

This is another Ken Fashionista shirt, 

which fits him perfectly. 

The jeans do not, at all. 

The shoes do not fit at all! 

Here is my other pair of Ken jeans, these fit better then the others, but he still can't wear them. 

Now you can really see how pale Kristoff is! Also, you can see how much larger his thighs are. 

Kristoff's torso is also a quite a bit larger. 

Here Ken is with the ladies, my most recent Disney doll (grow hair Rapunzel from 2011), Liv Katie, Frankie Stein, Kristoff, Barbie. 

Rapunzel is much shorter, and at first I thought she was the average size of the Disney dolls, but Anna and Elsa dolls are only have an inch smaller then Kristoff. Maybe these two could be siblings though. 

They make a good match. 

As I was posing Kristoff for this photo, I realized that his right arm joint is slightly loose. 


This doll makes me so excited for the Disney Frozen movie! I am seriously counting down the days. I've never owned a male Disney doll before, am I quite impressed by him. His clothing (minus the pants) are well made and durable, with nice detailing. He most definitely worth the price of 16 dollars, and I am very glad I bought him! 

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  1. Awesome review! :)

    I Really want Kristoff and Hans for Christmas. I already have Anna and my sister has Elsa. I don't really like the walmart brands and stuff, only Disney classics. :)

    I am really excited for Frozen also! I'm doing a countdown to Frozen on my blog, check it out:



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