Cooking with Kanani: Fall Pumpkin Pie

9:47 AM


Today on "Cooking with Kanani" I will show you how to make pumpkin pie...because nothing says "Fall" like pumpkin pie, right? 

You will need:

  • Plastic Cup (like bendy plastic)
  • Brown/ Tan clay
  • Orange Puffy Paint
  • White Puffy Paint 

First of all, take some of the clay flatten it out as best you can. Then, flip the cup over, and place the clay on top of the bottom of the cup. 

Spread it out as much as you can, patching up cracks or holes as you go along. 

Fold up some of the corners, so the cup is easier to cut. 

Make a little slice, 

We cut the cup in half first so it was easier to manage, then we trimmed it to the size we wanted the crust. 

Fold the clay over the top, 

to form a crust. 

Use some more clay to make the crust spread all the way down to the bottom of the cup. 

Ball up the leftover clay,

Place it inside the cup, 

And flatten it down. 

Drizzle some puffy paint on top. 

Until the whole top is covered, then, let dry. 

Ours dried overnight. 

Once completely dry, add some white puffy paint to the top for whipped cream.

Enjoy you pie! Happy Fall! 

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