Halloween Week: Interview with The Salty's!

6:34 PM

It's Kanani here! I'm filling in for Caroline today since she is the official "reporter" for this blog. 
Today, we are very excited to show an interview with one of our most favorite doll blogs-The Salty's!   you can click here , here  or here    to go to their fabulous site! (You can also click here!)

Here's the interview!:  

1. What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
Chrissa: The candy! Just kidding (sort of), I love choosing and wearing my costume.
Elizabeth Grace: I think planing my costume.

2. Do you dress up in costume for Halloween, if yes, what are you being this year?
Chrissa: Of course!
Elizabeth Grace: However, Chrissa and I can not tell you our costumes of choice, because it's a surprise.
3. What is your favorite candy?
Chrissa: CANDY CORN!!!! (If it counts)
Elizabeth Grace: Milky Way bars, but only in small amounts (candy is rather unhealthy).
4. What is your favorite monster?
Chrissa: Um... I don't have one...
Elizabeth Grace: I do not have a favorite monster.
5. Do you decorate your doll house for Halloween?
Elizabeth Grace: Not exactly.  We decorate for Fall, but not for Halloween alone.
Chrissa: What Elizabeth said.
6. What do you like better, tricks or treats?
Chrissa: Defiantly treats.
Elizabeth Grace: I would agree with Chrissa.
7. Do you like the "scary" side of Halloween?
Elizabeth Grace: Not in any way.  Glorifying death is simply not appealing to me.
Chrissa: To a degree, yea.
8. Have you ever pulled a Halloween prank?
Chrissa: I might have, but I don't remember.
Elizabeth Grace: I have never done such a thing.

Thanks Chrissa and Elizabeth! We can't wait to see your costumes! 

See you tomorrow for Halloween fun! We fave some cat costume pictures to share! ;) 


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