Dolloween Post Series Week 3: All Dolled Up

8:02 AM

First off I'd like to apologize for no posts this week, it was a very, VERY busy week for me!

This past Thursday, was our annual Girl Scouts Halloween Party, so we set the dolls up in their costumes for decor. I was a huge hit! I have one group shout of them all together Thursday night, and that's it down below. It was almost 11 PM so lighting was...iffy. But the rest I took in broad daylight so enjoy!

That's everyone! Lindsey as the clown, Kanani as the vampire, Abagaile as Star Trek girl (note; we are making a Abagaile a cat costume, which isn't done yet. We wanted everyone to be down there get the rest right?), Lanie as ghost (Lanie will be a bat- also not done with yet!), Molly as the pumpkin, Mia as the princess (which we made some recent adjustments too, so see the below photos for the updated costume), Saige as the Devil (needs hemming), Caroline as the witch (which is being fixed and altered as you read), and Connor as Mummy (again, last minute costume thrown together! Connor is being the ghost!)! Me? Well I'm Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony! 

Here are some up-close shots of everyone!

Lindsey as the clown. One of my favorite costumes! I already did a post on this so I won't go into much detail on her. 

Kanani as vampire. Okay, the vampire is my favorite! It is from last year, and we had a little belt thing around the waist, which got lost so we have to remake! 

Abigaile as Star Trek girl. This costume was purchased from Etsy, by the way! 

Lanie as ghost. Tutorial is already up!

Molly as pumpkin. So cute!

Saige as devil. Okay, maybe THIS is my favorite! 

She even has a little tail! 

Mia as princess. I'm still not loving the head piece. Ugh. The base dress we found at Goodwill in the lot where we bought Lindsey. The girls never wore the plain pink dress, so we up-cycled it!

Connor as the mummy. Yes, he his made out of toilet paper. 

Oh, and here is a shot of Caroline being altered. No where near done. 

What are you for halloween?

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