Dolloween Post Series: Make and 18" Doll Ghost Costume!

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There will be a new dolloween post each week- leading up to the week of Halloween, where it will be one full week of Halloween. 


So, in case you couldn't tell, this week, we are making a doll ghost costume.

You Will Need:

-Your 18" Doll (we used Connor)
-a WHITE pillowcase (be sure you have permission to rip up a pillowcase BEFOREHAND!)
-sewing machine/needle and thread
-fabric marker (or pencil..or normal marker)
-fabric scissors

Step 1:

Place you doll next to your pillowcase. Make marks with your fabric marker where his feet end, and we suggest actually placing your doll onto pillowcase, unlike we did in the above photo, and mark where his arms are too. 

The top of the pillowcase (enclosed part) is where is head is. The open part is where his feet will be.

(the marks we made)

Oh hey look everyone- it's my toe. 

Anyways, cut off the where your doll's foot stops. all the way across. (does that make sense?)

You want the costume to be about double the size of your doll. Cut off the excess.

Flip what you have now inside out. Sew down the open side with a machine or with a needle and thread.

At the top (enclosed part) fold the two corners in. (still inside out)

Pin, and sew!

Put the costume on your doll now. (be sure to flip it rightside out!) Cut our some eye holes,

And cut like a three year old on the bottom, to give it a ragged look.

And, your done!

The eye holes also can be tattered. 


I hope your doll's enjoy this simple costume to make! 


Chloe & Connor

PS: We're not sure if that was the clearest set of directions. If you have questions, let us know!

PSS: What do you want to see this post series?

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