Dolloween Post Series- Frightfully Fun Finds!

4:23 PM

That's right everybody! It's time for our second Dolloween post! 

Our first find are these removable stickers. They were in the dollar section at Target, but they did cost three dollars. We thought these would be really cute to hang up in our dollhouse! 


We found these felt stickers in the Target dollar section also. These would be cute to attach to ribbon and hang from our dollhouse ceiling- don't you think? 

I think I'll name this one batty. 

One of our favorite finds is this "Happy Halloween" sign! Can you guess where we got it.....THE TARGET DOLLAR SECTION! This will be so cute to hang in our dollhouse! 

Cuteness at it's finest. 

Our favorite find from Target are these candy corn erasers! 


We found this spice jar at IKEA and we thought it would be perfect to store the candies...if we had some more though. ;) 

At GoodWill, we got some kitty cat ears! Mamma is making Abagaile a kitty costume for Halloween, this is exactly what she needed! We just cut them shorter so they fit us better. It was 99 cents.

Now this is a cool find. We got this witch hat at Goodwill! It's brand new- the price tag is still on it. We paid two dollars- this will be great for Kanani's witch costume...don't you think?


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