OOTW- Green Eyes (plus..SURPRISE DOLL!)

3:38 PM

Meet Connor, my new boy doll. 

He was rescued from GoodWill this past Saturday at for fifteen dollars. I had no idea until my grandmother brought him home....you can imagine my delight. 

He is MAG 19. And if you stalk me, then you would know that my first doll (Caroline) is also a MAG 19. TWINSIES! 
Connor's bangs were cut when I got him...so I cut his hair some more...messed with it a bit...and...I'm buying a wig. xD It's the BEBE wig from Monique, but currently all my money is going into my Halloween Costume, so Connor's wig will have to wait. As for now, he wears a little hat. :) I hope to buy him a nicer one soon, also. 

His personality? My brother. He looks like him too- except the eyes, my brother's eyes are brown. But he likes what me brother does- football, basketball, Minecraft...Halo (video game), hedgehogs, and umm yeah. 

So, about the title. There are a few dolls that have these beautiful, memorizing green eyes. I love these eyes so much. I am lucky enough now to own two dolls with them (squee!)

So, enjoy the photos of my two breathtaking green eyed beauties. 

Now, onto the clothes; 

we'll start with Caroline.


Shirt: American Girl LA Store Exclusive 
Over shirt: Lace Tee from Etsy
Shorts: Pink Zebra Striped Shorts from Etsy
Shoes: American Girl


Hat: Cut tip of a sock :}
Undershirt: Made by me (so Pepper Jack Trends, I guess.)
Jacket: American Girl
Pants: Skinny Jeans from American Girl
Shoes: Converse type shoes from the Springfield Collection at Micheal's and JoAnn's 

I hope you all enjoyed this week's OOTW. I have a Halloween DIY that I'm editing. yay 



with help from 




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