Molly's Birthday Extravaganza! {Part 1}

4:44 PM

Oh yeah! That's right! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! So, everyone is all ready for a huge carnival/ circus party right? WRONG! It rained today. So, the party is being postponed until tomorrow....but...that is a good thing too ya' know...I GET MORE CAKE! 

So, flashback! I'll show you how *most* of my day went. ;) 

Uhhh...I what time is it? 


Errrr..what was that? 

I better get is...


Good morning Nani! Enjoying lurking in the kitchen? 

I am highly enjoying in Molly! 


I think that's Bennet. You better go check on him. 

I will, but what were those dangerous noises I heard?

What? What noise? I didn't hear anything. Nope. Nothing. Errrr I have to go. 

Well Bennet, that was strange. 


I wonder if somebody bought some new cereal. Let's go see! 


Oh wow! Look at all those presents!!

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