Birthday Wishing ;)

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Soo umm yes. Tomorrow is my birthday. :0) I know everyone here hasn't got a ton of posts in a while, and I'm dreadfully sorry. I thought this might cheer you up though. ;) So, for my birthday, this past weekend, we went to the American Girl Place! :D (I have pictures, don't worry.) And, that is wear I got my presents, so let me show you stock photos!

The picture above is the new Polar Bear PJ's! I love doll PJ's. I just....DO! This was the present from my brother. :0) 

Yep. Above is the new Christmas dress that no one likes. Well, there is this really neat-o leafy pattern on the poofy part, and it looks AMAZING! So umm yes, my parents got me this last minute. :)  

I also got the Flower Sweater Skirt set with money from my grandparents. :) Thanks grandpa! 

Molly's lunchbox was also a gift from my parents. :) I wanted this the most! So glad I got it! 

Molly's swimsuit was a gift from my grandmother! She said she already got me another present, and I could pick one outfit. :) I choose this one. 

(no picture)

My grandmother also got me a set of 12 new hangers for my dolls, because she knew how badly I needed them :}

The new Breakfast Set was the last thing I got. I honestly, was not expecting this in any way! I knew it was really expensive, but mom thought it was adorable and said she would get it for me. ;) Thanks mom! :D

So, that's what I got! 

Last year, I got presents at the AG Place and I thought that was all I was getting, but my parents had a few surprises for me, like The Cozy Sweater Outfit, The Fresh and Fun Outfit, Meatloaf (the dog, not the food) , a lava lamp, and some new books! I was like....OHMIGOSHOHMIGOSH! And they told me, it was going to be like that this year also! How exciting! 

So, this is my wishlist and I doubt I'm getting any of this, but I can dream right? xD I got a lot of nice stuff already!  

 The Sweetheart PJ's.  I WANTED THESE SO BADLY LAST YEAR.  I knew they were on sale and I dropped a gazillion hints, so maybe. ;) 

Last year's Holiday Accessories! I saw these year 9$ on the sale ( can you believe that? ) I don't think I'm going to get it, though. 

A MOCKINGJAY PIN! I saw some on Etsy for 1.00, and I have my fingers crossed! 

I found this on Etsy a while back, I'd love to be able to wear it. :) 

I'm also wishing for the book, Reached. ;) 

But tomorrow, I can't wait to eat ice cream and cookies with my friends in the cafetira (yepppp we got those in the cafe) and I just can't wait to be king! to eat cake! 


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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing birthday tomorrow! :)

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  2. Happy Birthday! You got some really cute stuff!

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

    Please come check out my latest AG post! :

    Thanks! :D Danielle

  4. Happy birthday!! I'm glad you like your presents!

  5. Happy birthday!! That's so awesome! Congrats!


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