Sewing CrAzY Plus Some Other Stuff

1:28 PM

Well! It's been a while since I (she means we) posted.


THE NEW PEPPERJACK TRENDS LINE WILL BE UP WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO! Mia has been modeling and looks really great in the (HINT HINT) chevron skirt. But I also look FABULOUS in everything, anyways!  Oh Mia. But seriously, she does look fabulous.

I have been sewing like an insane, crazy person, who's medicine is sewing. She's not lying you know! 

Oh, and the contest ends Wednesday.

Another hint on the new PJT's called "Super Skirts!" So, umm yeah it's mainly skirts. I recently found MY addiction to wearing them about....a month ago. I went from owning one to seven.


After the new Etsy stuff is up..THERE WILL BE TONS OF CRAFTS FOR Y-O-U!

I'm working on a new pizza related post series (because apparently, you guys love the post series)

And, all the stuff for Molly's Birthday! Upcoming to make clown wig! That should be FUN!

Oh, and a trash bag for fashion sized dolls (like La Dee Da, Monster High, Barbie, etc....) it works for AG, but better for this sized.


So, get ready for August! We have Molly's Carnival Birthday, Pizza Post Series, New PJT stuff, Lanie's Camping Birthday Party, DOLLHOUSE TOUR (I just have to clean it first xD )Oh and my 1st YouTube Anniversary, and oh yeah...


Unlike most people, I'm really excited. SHE IS CRAZY! School? Are you serious mother? 

Yes Kanani. I am serious.

I'm really excited because this year I joined the band! :D

I just got my TUBA stuff today! I really can not wait to play the tuba. Which is highly unladylike. You really need to rethink this mother! 

Anywho, we're ending summer with a BANG!

Be ready!

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  1. Sounds great! Haha, you guys are so fun. :)


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