Ouch! {Photostory}

1:50 PM

It was a really boring day in the dollhouse today. And, it was raining. So, we couldn't go outside! Bummer. 
Momma agreed to let Kanani and play with the scooters in the loft upstairs. Kanani is teaching me to get really good with the scooter! So, we went to the garage to get our scooters. 

I pulled out my green and pink one! 

I can't wait to start riding! 

Kanani got her white and pink one! 

Lanie, because you are more inexperienced
, and there is only one helmet, you have to wear it. Okay? 


Are you ready? 

I am now! 

So am I . 

I'm so excited! 

Let me pull ahead of you...

Okay Lanie, today try to keep the moped at a steady speed. Go to the wall! 

And we were off! Kanani and I were a bit close, so..

I moved closer to the staircase. 

Lanie, be careful! 

Too close to the staircase. 

I fell down...

And down. 


I was laying there, while Kanani hoped down the staircase. 

Errr almost there! 

Just as Kanani was getting close...

the seat belt came undone! 

I tumbled down some more stairs...

and some more...

Lanie! Lanie! Are you OK? 


Come on! Get up! 

I then woke up in a hospital room with a nurse beside me. 

So! Lanie how ya feeling? 
I'm Nurse Katie Liv. 
Okie dokie. 

Uhh...can I go home? 

As soon as you learn how to use your wheelchair and crutches.

Kaite grabbed the crutches, and showed me how to use the wheelchair. 

This is the brake, 

I finally got it! 

Now can I go home? 

We went back to the room and I fell asleep. 

Next thing I knew, Pepper woke me up giving get well wishes. 

Well! Looks like I'll be in a cast for four weeks then. :( 

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  1. Oh, no! So sorry to hear of the accident. I hope you have a quick recovery. :D


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