Happy Birthday Lanie!

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Yep! Today's the day! It's my sweet Lanie's third birthday! Can you believe it? Before we celebrate, Molly's birthday WILL BE UP THIS WEEKEND! There were so many photos, it took a while to organize it all. 

Okay, now back to Lanie's birthday! I have a lot of memories with this girl! She's the first ever doll I saved up for! Actually, one of the first things I've ever saved for! I remember the day I got her, I saved up SOOOO much money for! 99 bucks! (do you remember those days? Now it's 110$!) and, it was the first week of school, I finally had the money for her, and my mom and I planned on placing the order later that week. So, somewhere around today's date (August 29th) my mom was working late, so my grandmother came to pick me up from school. 

I opened the door, and there she was. 

In the box, waiting for me. I started at her through the window, and when we got to my house, 

my grandmother forgot the key....


So, we were able to get into the backyard, and my dog was going crazy from inside, we had a little patio swing then, and I sat there with my grandmother next to me, crying, opening her. 

She was an early birthday present. 

When I first saw Lanie in the catalog, I knew I had to have her. She was unique, original, something I've never seen before. 

I loved it. 

Then, on my actual birthday, I got her accesories, her PJ's, her PJ's for ME (which surprisingly, still fit!) and her Nature outfit, and her nature accessories, and her hammock! Talk about a Lanie birthday! 

So, now, a flashback! 

Here are my favorite photos of Lanie; 

And there are so many more...just trapped on my phone! ;)  (from Instagram, I only use a camera now!) 

I'm going to a celebratory post with like cake and such, but that will come this weekend....

Anyways, a new tradition starting here! On Molly's b-day, I gave her a photoshoot, wearing Chrissa's Sundress..and Lanie did one too earlier! 

So, here is Lanie's Birthday Photoshoot! (un-edited) 

Happy 3 year birthday to my sweet, daring, adventurous girl! 

And, here is Lanie's profile, so you can get to know her better! 

Hi, my name is Lanie, I have a bunny rabbit named Lulu, I like exploring, and reading! Science is my favorite subject, and I post in green! I love Nutella!!! I am a vegetarian, because it is just not right to kill helpless, defenseless animals! I love winking smiley faces like this: ;) ! And, I hate it when people make fun of my flyaway hair. That's a bit selfish, but it happens A LOT! I also hate it when people think they are better then everybody else....COUGHCOUGHMIACOUGHCOUGH. 

Here's the facts:

Name: Lanie Katherine Holland 
I've been in the family for: Three years old!  
Birthday: August 27th, 2010
Favorite Color: Green!
Favorite Animal: Bunnies or orangutans ;) 
Favorite Food: NUTELLA!
Favorite Book/ Book Series: Reached by Ally Condie 
Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time! (with Finn and Jake!)
Favorite Band: The Beatles 
Favorite Solo Artist: Paul McCartney 
Favorite Song: Revolution (Beatles) 
Type of AG: Girl of the Year 2010 Lanie Holland doll
Best friend: Kanani ;) 
I collect: Stuffed animals! :) 
Post color: Green! 
Personality: Adventurous, cautious (somewhat), nature gal, and daring! 
Star Status:  I used to get picked a TON! I mean, honestly! Then I kind of went on a break, because of my hair...but now, I am back in action! :) 
My Favorite Thing To Do: Explore!!!
Favorite Clothing Piece: Errrr.....sneakers? 
Favorite Hairstyle: Just..down..
Wishlist: New binoculars! 
Pet Peeve: Indoor genes. Lazy people. 
I wish: I could live outdoors! 
Pet: Little Miss LuLu, the best bunny in the world! 
Thoughts on School: Well, I like the Science part....
Room Situation: I live on the third floor of the main house aka the loft, and I have top bunk in the room area of the loft! 
Favorite Sport: Hockey, or basketball. 
Favorite Season: Spring! I just love it when the flowers begin to bloom!
Dream Job: Scientist 

Happy Birthday! 

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  2. Cool! I loved the photoshoot!

    Happy Birthday Lanie!!!!
    I hope you both had a great day! :)


  3. Happy Birthday, Lanie! We love the pics.


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