Dollie DIY: Let's Make A Clown Hat!

4:33 PM is the "as promised" Clown hat post! This isn't really a wig- I thought that might look silly- this an clown it will look sillier! 

The materials you are fairly easy! 

-A mini sombrero (which we got at Party City around Cinco De Mayo, a pack of 8 for like..two bucks)
-Fluff! (cotton balls would work also- actually we are using some of that fake snow fluff thing that you put on trees. We got never before opened package at GoodWill a while back for about one dollar!)
-Markers- we found that thick ones work best!
-Tacky Glue. in the picture is a Hot Glue Gun- which we intend on using, but ours is SO old and SO hard to work! It would not heat up. At all. So, we used some Tacky Glue leftover from a recent wig swap (hint hint) instead. 

Step one: Apply the glue! While I was working the camera- my glued it worked pretty well! ;) (sorry for some blurry pics by the way!) Anyways- here are some in-progress shots! 

Then, you apply the fluff! 

Let it sit for a few seconds...then color it! 
MyFroggyStuff colors her cotton by rubbing it on a chalk board. Well, we don't have a chalkboard, but if you do- use it! 

We went for the classic rainbow. ;) 

Here it is done! Oh and look- my sewing machine! 

And it is on Mia! Mia's hair was up in a bun so we put the hat on the bun. 

Fabulous! xD

I love love love the way it looks from the back!

Really happy with the results. 

It looks very silly! 

Now I must go pack! My friend and I are headed to the waterpark (the biggest one EVER) tomorrow! 

See you later! 

Chloe&The Dollls

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