Dollhouse Room Tour: Lindsey's Room! Part 1 of 16!

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Hi everyone! ;D 

You may have guessed from the title....



So, a dollhouse tour is my MOST requested Youtube video (check out my channel! Link in the sidebar!)

But, I have trouble recording with my camera..but hey...I'm working on it! I really would like to have a video up for my one year YouTube anniversary. 

ANYWAYS...I'm much better typing then I am video taping! And, I also a much more detailed when I here I am! I took 211 photos. For this room! Lindsey's room is a newer(ish) edition's not as heavily decorated as the others. And 211 pics?! There are some blurry ones that I'll delete out but..still..that would be a WAY too picture- heavy post if I do my whole doll room/ area/ cave. So, let me break it down on how this will work real quick: 

1/16: Lindsey's Room
2/16: Living Room
3/16: Kitchen and Dining Room
4/16: Molly's Bedroom
5/16: Caroline and Mia's bedroom! 
6/16: Loft Part 1 : Lanie, Kanani, Abagaile, and Saige's bedroom area. 
7/16: Loft Part 2: Music and Art area. 
8/16: Office
9/16: Laundry Room
10/16: Bathroom 
11/16: Bonus Closet Area + Pet Corral 
12/16: Closet + Jewelry Station 
13/16: Ice Cream Shoppe 
14/16: Hospital Room
15/16: Garage
16/16: Other Doll Room's (like my MH gals have there own little shelf) + some info and making your own doll house! 

Following day 16 will be a little FAQ if you have them for the end of the tour please! 

And one last thing, my dollhouse is in this little area right outside my bedroom door. It's upstairs in my loft, and it's a decent size. Not as large as a bedroom, but it's about 6/8 of my average sized bedroom. My non-AG dolls live on a few select shelves in my room. The garage, hospital room, and ice cream shoppe are not in the small space in my room! The garage is under my sewing table, with the hospital room and ice cream shoppe next door. 

Let's get started! 

Let's begin with overviews! Because everybody loves overviews..right? These pictures don't include the garage, ice cream shoppe, hospital room, or other doll shelves. 

This is the main doll house. 

Lindsey's room is to your left, the main structure on your right.  Bottom floor: Living room (left) right, kitchen, above the kitchen is Caroline and Mia's room, and next door is Molly's room. How these are all built and such is in Part 16. But the main structure (well the part you see) is made of wood by my dad. 

It's a's a, it's the loft! The loft walls are not wood! 

Turning the camera...

(left to right) dining room, office above the office is the laundry room, the bathroom...

jewelry station, pet corral, closet!  

Here's a decent full view! And, you can see the bonus closet! 

Welcome to Lindsey's room! 

Lindsey is going to be escorted to another room for we can get on with the tour! 

Ah, much better! So here's the full view without Lindsey. 

So, the big ticket item in this room is Lindsey's bed. Her bed is the standard doll bed from IKEA click right here to see it on the IKEA website and it was 20 dollars. You can easily fit two dolls on this bed, and they are stackable! It come with a mattress, blanket, and pillow. So, if you want a doll bed, I totally recommend this one!  It does require a bit of assembly (thanks to my little bro) but my brother was able to complete it in about 30 minutes. 

It is unpainted, that is one thing I'd like to do someday! Paint it! It's also has a sort of "rough wood" feel, but I did cover it in a few layers of Modge Podge, wich is this clear liquid glue thing that makes things look kind of shinyish looking. This bed doesn't look glossy after applied it, because I didn't apply 10 layers..the more layers..the shiner! (does that make sense?) But anyways, this is a fun picture of what it could look like when you painted it. Click here to see it!

There are three things on the side of her bed! Her sparkly fedora (for when life needs some sparkles),

her cardigan, which came with the 2001 Flower Power outfit. It's the first outfit on this page of AGPlaythings. Click here! Lindsey came in a lot of stuff when I got her at GoodWill. This outfit (minus the shoes) was just in that lot! It looks a bit funky on the side like that. Here it is laid out: 

Also hanging on the side of her bed is her meet outfit jacket. Again, came in her "lot". This also looks funky. Here it is on the floor too! 

Isn't it CUTE? 

At the bottom of her bed is this little "bundt" pillow I made from a pillowcase. There is a tutorial on my YouTube (link in sidebar ;D) 

Also, is Lindsey's MacBook Air! I think I found this on Pintrest...

It has a keyboard too! 

So, AG has stopped doing this, but in the American Girl Magazines, they used to have a little "Mini Mag" that you could make so you and your doll could have matching magazines. I have only made one, but I still have my old magazines, so I could make more if I needed too! I just randomly decided to put this on Lindsey's bed :P 

Here are a few sample pages in magazine. 


Now, to the front of her bed! Let's first take a look at her little London Bus pillow. 

So, this pillow is up cycled from one of my old t-shirts! We we're able to get about 8 little pillows from the shirt...this is by far my favorite! My grandmother hand stiched each and every one. 

When Lindsey and I went to the AG Place Houston a few weeks ago, we just had to stop at NASA! I got Lindsey this little astronaut as a souvenir. 

Lindsey named him....Alfred! Isn't just adorable? :D 

Also on Lindsey's bed is her beloved My Little Pony (which is her favorite show) plushies!  

Lindsey has two, Pinkie Pie (right) I bought shortly after Lindsey joined the family. Pinkie is Lindsey's favorite character!  Rarity (left) I got in my Easter basket this year! 

{sorry so blurry!}

Her pillow is the classic blue pillow that came with the bed. 

On the headboard is the tag that came with a store exclusive tee shirt I got for the dolls. I just taped it up there! 

On the side of her headboard are these random, adhesive buttons. When I hand sewed this really horrible looking outfit a looooong time back, I decided to put these buttons on it! But...they kept coming off. So, I trashed the outfit and stuck the buttons here for some random reason. It reminds me of the LalaLoopsie dolls. 

Guarding her bed is her faithful dog, Maxine! She is not AG-brand, but I think every girl needs a pet! So, Maxine is now Lindsey's little sweetheart. 

Also at the foot of her bed is her slippers! They are just some simple homemade shoes. 

Under her bed is a suitcase, towel, sombreros, and bunch of other stuff. 

Her nightstand was a Goodwill find for 5$. Which is pretty expensive for a thrift store, but I was in desperate need of a nightstand at the time,'s too cute to pass up! 

Soon after we got it, we discovered they were jewelry boxes from Target, which sold for around 11$. 

Inside the drawers; 

Drawer #1: Some Camp DD forms, a flute, and Lindsey's secret stash of chocolate! 

Drawer #2: Her socks and card from the doll hospital, and some random junk. 

Her lamp! It's very retro, with the staircase, and blue shade. I've seen hundreds of lamps this size at GoodWill, but this was unique! So, we cut off the cord, and voila! 

The only issue with these lamps is that they have a wide base. (see above!) 

Okay, now onto the items on the dresser! 

First off, is the Rebecca Book! This came with the Doll School set. 

Green zebra striped phone book! Who doesn't want one? This one was 99 cents at Party City. I didn't write a name on it, so it could be in anyone's room! 

Lastly, is an AG notebook that came with the now retired AG Backpack set. The whole set was 28$. 

Also is a cute pink lemonade from Sleepover Accessories Set (AG)! 

Here's a close up. ;) 

Without anything on top, you can see the fun print! 


On the opposite side of the room is Lindsey's locker ! These are from Justice, and I have been wanting one so terribly badly! But...they were 14 dollars. That's a big ol' NO from the budget. *sigh* BUT! There still was hope! Maybe I could find one from GoodWill! 

Guess what! I did! xD 

This locker we got at the begging of summer for 2$. 

It has a different print on each side! 

{sorry so blurry} It has some fun details! Like these little slits up top, 

the handle, 

and slits on the bottom! That heart, by the way, is Justice's logo. 

It opens! The only flaw with mine is that...well.. you see that little square? There was a "insert photo here" card and when I was removing it...this happened: 

Yep. It doesn't fall off to often, it just needs to be reglued! I can live with it if it means saving 12 bucks. 

Here is the locker with out the black "thingy". :P 

There are three shelves inside the locker, the top one, holds some sunglasses. 

These are go go girl glasses. No questions asked. They are from American Girl. 

In the large shelf is Lindsey's pink backpack (it's empty), and I think it's from Build-a-bear. Based on the tag. I've had this for as long as I can remember! 

Above is the backpack in the locker. 

The very bottom shelf is empty. 

Here is the locker empty.  It came with some little matching magnets. The only issue is that the black door part is not magnetic. So, the magnets just hand back there. It came with four. 

Just another random photo of the locker....

It has plenty of goodies on top! 

Right on top, is Coconut's Joke Book, it's just a book cover on some craft foam, the cover came with the Doll Craft's book (totally recommend by the way!)

Yum! I found this cute little gum pack checking out of Walmart for 69 cents. 

Here's the's so detailed! Probably because it's a real gum package. 

Aww! Little nutrition facts! xD

It's even fully stocked with six pieces of gum! 

Also, is the Doll Travel (fake) magazine. It came with the Doll Boutique book. 

Spoiler Alert! It's cardboard! 

Oddly, the cover didn't fit around the piece of cardboard that came with the kit...

And..this little box of stuff! 

*gasp* it opens! This little box was 80 cents at Staples. 

The top...


It has a little digital camera from a now retired Our Generation Set. 

The Beach Sunglasses from American Girl, 

This cute little Tinker Bell notebook from Party City (1 dollar?)  I did have to remove the keychain! 


And, a little pencil from Molly's School Backpack set. 

Oh! I almost forgot! This little CD! 

I just printed it off online from <-- really cute site for doll crafts (some re-sizing does need to be done though!) 

And, right by the foot board, is..the dresser! 

Here's everything on top..



Another random shot...

Here's everything..

This little pony was some McDonald's toy I found in my closet. Thought it would look cute in this room. ;) 

This little doggy (above AND below) I got a looooooong time ago! No idea where. It looked like my old dog, Jack. He's a little wind-up toy that flips! Like the pony, I just thought it would look cute in Lindsey's room! 

This little pinball machine was in a set of 4 at the Dollar Tree. This is my favorite. ;) 


These two are exactly the same (just different colors) I got a pack of 6 for my dolls around Easter time for $1.50. 

Why, hello random clear elastic! (Can you spot it?) This little clip came with Chrissa's Sundress.

This little folder (above AND below) I made from the Doll Crafts book. It's says; "Funny Stuff" I thought that would be excellent in this room, because,  Lindsey loves making people laugh! 

(above AND below) this is just a simple little notebook I made. Nothing special.

More hairclips! I got 8 at Target for $1.50 in the checkout section! 

Here's another full view! 

Now, for the posters! Right above her nightstand is this poster from the Doll Crafts Book. 

Printed off the internet...

When I went to the AG Place LA Christmas 2012, they gave me one of these stickers! I put it on some computer paper and hung it up! 

Hunger Games poster...printed from the internet 

Little "L" I made. 

Horse poster from the American Girl magazine. 

My all time favorite picture of Lindsey, I just printed it on my computer...

Lindsey's Certificate of Good Health from when she went to the "hospital" 

Another HG poster I printed from the computer..

This was part of the packaging of a My Little Pony figurine I got. 

My brother gave this to me! It's a sticker advertising our local Brony (my little pony fans) upcoming "con"! 

Another full shot.

So! That's Lindsey's room! Whatcha think? Are you excited for the rest of the tour? 

I'm really excited! 

Especially for tomorrow! I get to go see my locker and new teachers! 

Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your day! 

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