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2:45 PM

So, today, at about 10:00 AM, (I enjoy being specific) I was playing with my My Little Pony Rarity unicorn figure and my Elizabeth doll. Elizabeth was dressed up! Momma gave me this cute little vest for her (don't tell Elizabeth it's from a Monster High Doll...especially don't tell her it belongs (well it did) to Deuce Gorgon...) she also was rocking this purple and blue cheetah print purse! She looked amazing. I should be a fashion designer! :D 

Then I was thinking...only 6 days until my amazing, spectacular, fabulous (as Mia would say it) and super fun-er-ri-fic (it's a word!) circus birthday party! 


But momma came to my rescue! She gave me the invites she just printed off! 

But, there was a catch. I could only invite ten of my friends! UGGGG! And, I had to invite all of my sisters. Which I don't mind, but that uses seven of my invites! So I can only invite three people! Really? 

So, first off, I went around to my sisters. 

Here are the invites! Momma did a good job in my opinion. They still look clownie and circusie but they look while being all "professional" like and such is not my cup of tea, but I think this works. 

I didn't want to loose any or anything, so I put them in my handy dandy red purse. ;) 

First off, I went to go see my best friend..and my sister...Lindsey! She's super excited about this party too! But she's jealous because she wants a circus party too! 

When I walked in, she was on her laptop...and I heard I noises? 
She shut the laptop real quick. Too quick. 

So, I asked what she was doing, and she started acting all strange. 
"Whhaat? No no no! It was most definitely nothing to do with your birthday. NOTHING. AT. ALL. Nope. Nothing. Wait it's almost your birthday? What? This is the first time I hearing this!" 

So, I pretend like I never heard her.

I told her I was just passing out invitations, and that calmed her down a bit. 

She promised she would make it! 

Then, I moved on to the living room to see if anybody was in there. 

Lanie! She was watching Star Trek...of course. 
Long story short (well actually it wasn't that long) I gave her an invite..

And she accepted! She couldn't wait to come! 

As usual, Kanani was lurking in the kitchen...She looks creepy in the photo above..

Like Lanie, Kanani was very happy to come! Kanani is the best baker I know, so we talked about her making a cake for the party! She happily agreed, I asked if it could be like the cake she was next too, because it looks pretty circusy to me. She said yes! 

So, near the kitchen is the office, and Caroline is typically always in there! But...SHE WASN'T! I kind of got panicky...but then I heard her voice shout at Mia...she's alive! 

Caroline was mad Mia because she wanted to shower (or something like that) but Mia wouldn't leave the bathroom! 

I knew this was a delicate situation, these two best friends rarely fight (strange, I know) so I didn't want to make it worse! 

I shouted at the top of my lungs; "HEY GUYS YOUR INVITED TO MY PARTY" 

Mi turned around in an instant! Apparently, she loves parties. 

Then, I had a great idea! :D I gave Mia a invite for her and Caroline to share so I could invite more of my friends! 

I knew by the sound of the piano Abagaile was upstairs...Saige was probably with her. I went up to the loft to find to be right! 

I invited them both to my party, Saige will help with the decor, and Abagaile will create a playlist of music for the party! (are you yet to be jealous of my amazing sisters?) 

I also left them an invite to share so somedollie else could come too!

Now I could invite other dolls! I first called up my good pal Julie..who would be on vacation when I had my party..bummer! 
Then I called my friend Felicity, who also would be on vacay.  

I went into momma's room to invite some other dolls. 

I walked in and was greeted by my really good friend Dee! We don't get to see each other often, so I when see her it's always a special treat! 

Dee was so happy to see me again! Sitting next to her was a new doll I've never met!  

She looked at me like I was a giant. Not the best first impression. 

Dee introduced me to Venus, the new doll that had arrived this past Sunday..and guess what! She blogs too! Her blog is Please go check it out! It turns out, Venus and I have a lot in common, and she has even more in common with Lanie. But, I'm glad I made a new friend! :D

I gave Dee and Venus an invite too! 

The next part of my task, was dangerous! I had to climb shelves to reach some of my friends! 
I gave an invitation to my dear friend Pocahontas, but we call Poco sometimes. ;) She actually stayed and lived with us a while back, but now, she has her own shelf! Aurora was there with her too, Aurora is also my friend, but we're not as close as Poco and I.  

I invited them and Poco said she would most definitely be there, while Aurora didn't think she could make it. :(  

Then, I climbed to Drac's shelf! 

Draculara was glad to come! 

I also invited Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Kaite Liv, but they both  couldn't make it! :( 

I'm so excited! 

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  1. Your doll house/dolls are so cute! Fun post!

    1. Thanks! :) We are actually taking pictures of our house now..but we are going into way way way too much detail! I took almost 100 photos yesterday! Uggg! Glad you like it. :D

  2. Really cute photo story! I really like your doll house! :)

    Adollable Dolls

  3. Hey I LOVE your blog can you check out mine


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