Back to School Printables!

11:30 AM

Still working on Molly's party photos. ;) 

BUT! Most everyone has already gone back to school! I for one, haven't! I start Monday. :) 

But, in honor of the back to school season, I have made some really fun doll sized printables! 

First off, is this back to school letter! :) 

The supply list, and, I am working on a new series (hint hint) and everything on that list, we shall make! :D

Class Schedule #1 I actually made this with my schedule! So, umm yeah! Those are my classes! The times are also roughly accurate, I do start at 8:45, have lunch at 1:30 (ugg) and the final bell is at 4:30, but the others are made up. ;0) And of course, those teachers aren't mine either. 

Here is Schedule #2. I WISH I had Science with Peeta Mellark as my teacher. *sigh* and of course, History with Ky. *sigh* 

Here is a blank Cafeteria Menu. I left it blank, so you can write whatever you want! I wasn't sure if everyone would appreciate "Red Glop" Blue Glop" Green Glop" as the menu choices. 

Here's a fun little corkboard too! :) There is plenty of space to add more things if you want also! 

Here's a little chalkboard with some writing on it...

and here's a blank one! 

So, the locker sheets turned out HUGE! Ugg...but, here is one,

and here is another! 

Here's a sheet of notebook paper that somebody has written on, 

and here's a blank one! 

Enjoy the printables!


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2 lovely comments

  1. Love these printables.
    Was thinking Mr. Mellark would teach Home Economics (since he's a baker) or PE (throwing the huge flour sacks) or Art (fabulous at camouflage).
    Where is Ky from...I haven't read (?) that yet.

    1. Yeah, but I suppose it's the magical "science" of baking. Who knows. Ky is from the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie. It's a really great book, I haven't finished the series yet, but it's a lot the The Hunger Games. Less violence, more romance.


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