Releaserain Giveaway Results!

6:24 AM

Hiya! :) Okay, now for the post everyone has been waiting for! 

                        The Releaserain Giveaway Results! 

We loved seeing what you dolls would do with these shoes! 

Okay, the winner is.....

The Dolls and Doll team  ! 

They said "My doll would like to go on a walk in a filed of flowers." Oooh! So would we! 

Look out for an e-mail from us! 

If you don't respond within one week, we will have to choose a new winner! 

Look out for a new giveaway- COMING SOON! 

Have a fabulous day! 


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1 lovely comments

  1. Congratulations Ruby!
    You won your first contest!


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