Preparing for Etsy

1:07 PM

Well as you may or may not know, later this summer, I will have my very own Etsy shop!

I am preparing for it as you read this, I bought a bunch of new fabric today, and I am printing out patterns!

Oh I am so excited!

Do you recommend any patterns?

I am currently looking for free ones. xD yeah. I am really excited about this! Especially, because I just bought some UNICORN fabric! :D A little FWI here...My Little Pony is favorite TV show. That will make adorable shorts! (I also bought some chevron fabric too ;) )

So...yeah. IT HAS BEEN RAINING SO MUCH! Since, Sunday, today has been our first day of sunshine! Man, that feels good. ;)

Ummmm...the giveaway WILL end this weekend, and I have some cute ideas for upcoming posts! :D How about the girls babysitting? But, I also have a really cute notebook craft, and a doll house room tour video is coming to my YT, it's just been really dark so I wasn't able to film..(Thank you rain!)

And not to mention, THE MOST AMAZING COUSINS EVER are going to come visit me and my dolls for a week! :D Really pumped about that!

So, I will see you tomorrow, and I will show you the things I have so far sewn for my dolls! So of it, is really BAD just an FWI, but you live and you learn! I am getting really good at skirts and simple dresses though. :0)

Have a fabulous rest of the day!

Chloe & The Gals

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  1. Cool! :). Liberty Jane patterns has some free ones! But the ones that are free change a lot, so I have some in PDF form that I could email to you if you want! :)


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