Picnic Week Day 5: Cookie = YUMMY!

3:26 PM

Today, we are making the dessert- cookies!

Here's what you'll need:

  • brown marker
  • brown craft foam
  • scissors 

First off, cut a small circle out of the craft foam.

Draw some triangles with the brown marker--- and your done!

Woah! Wasn't that EASY? 

Well, what are you guys doing this weekend? 

We might go to the American Girl Store (woot woot!)

And, we might go see the new My Little Pony movie (it is only playing is select theaters...and the nearest one to us is by an AG store!) 

But nothing is yet decided. :(  

I hope you guys enjoyed Picnic Week - I know I did! 

Oh, and if we don't go to the AG Place this weekend, the contest results will be up! (we will post a one day warning!) If we do, they will be announced Tuesday, and a warning will be posted Monday! 

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2 lovely comments

  1. Hi Guys!!! Your blog is soo cute!! Your dolls are gorgeous- especially their always amazing looking hair!! That's just one of the things we love about your blog- we featured you in this week's Saturday Sites on our blog Hanna's Hangout. Come take a look at hannasdollblog.blogspot.com. Thanks and keep doing what you are doing- we love it!!
    ~Hannah and Iman

  2. Hi again!! I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it. I am so sorry!! :( Thank you for the kind birthday wishes and it was our pleasure to feature you!!! Again I am so sorry but thank you for everything!


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