Picnic Week Day 4: Chip-tastic!

9:55 AM

Okay dollies, today we are making POTATO CHIPS!!! We have working on this craft for quite some time, and we finally perfected it!!

You'll need:

  • print out a picture of a potato chip bag
  • tape 
  • scissors 

First, fold the paper along the bottom of the bag. Cut it out but DO NOT cut the bottom side!

Once unfolded, it should look like the picture above. 

Tape it all together. Don't tape the top, so you can open it!

Now, crumple it up and throw it away. Just kidding! But seriously, crumple it!

Now, you may un-crumple. xD And you're done with the potato chip bag!

To make the potato chips, you will need:

  • yellow craft foam
  • scissors (a hole punch would work great also!)

Cut out a bunch of little circles! 

And you're done!

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