Picnic Week Day 1: Lemonade Social

10:35 AM

You all remember our 4th of July photo contest right? 
It looks like the majority of you loves summer picnics! 
So do we! 

So, for this week (it ends Sunday) we are do the post series; Picnic Week! 
Each day we show you how to make a craft like lemonade or watermelon to take on your picnic! 
Let's get started! :D

Today is we are showing how to make lemonade! 

This is what you'll need:

  • yellow craft paint (puffy paint works also!)
  • straws 
  • scissors
  • small pearls or clear beads
  • plastic shot glasses (we found a variety of color at our local Dollar Store)     

Let's get started!

Step one is to pour in the paint to the desired amount.

Cut the straw to the desired amount. 

While the paint is still wet, stick the straw into the cup. (As you can see, we are very messy people ;) ) 

Sprinkle a few of the pearls in, for ice cubes. 

And, you're done! 

Make as many as you'd like! 

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