NEW Wigs from Releaserain!

5:33 AM

Our lovely sponsor, Releaserain , who is sponsoring our giveaway (which ends this Friday!), has recently begun selling wigs! 

Let's take a look! 

This blue wig is very, cute and reminds us of characters from Star Trek, and some of the Capitol people from The Hunger Games! So, this wig is a win win for us! ;) It is still very, very cute! 

Purple! It just keeps getting better! And, woah, that wig is loong! I wonder what kind of amazing hairstyles you could do with that! 

Woah! I love the bangs! And the color, it's like a faded blonde, it's not like a bright, repulsive yellow. We absolutely love this color! :) 

This red wig is super cute! The color of it is actually red, I haven't seen that anywhere else! 

Just like the blonde wig, we love those bangs! 

And we saved the best for last! That curly wig is too cute! We love the little ribbons! 

The short curly hair, the blonde wavy hair, and the black wavy hair, are all heat resistant! 

And, the best part of all, the purple wig, blue wig, and red wig, YOU PUT OVER YOUR DOLLS HAIR! 


What's your favorite new wig?

And be sure to check out Releaserain !

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