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We just went on a vacation. ;) Well, mommy did at least. We decided to kick back and sleep in for once this summer! But, updates and upcoming posts will be at the bottom of this post! 

Anyways, mommy just got back from vacation, and brought us some goodies! I thought I'd share! :) 

First off, she got us apples! 

They are delicious! :D 

We are so lucky mommy got us TWO

She also got us a lemon! 

My sisters and I play this game where we all take a slice of lemon, suck on it, and see who can keep a straight face the longest! :) It is so much fun! 

Here's a closer look at the lemon,

She even got us baby tomatoes! 

She knew Kanani would LOVE them, so she got us three! 

Believe me, they are SCRUMPTIOUS! 

But wait- there's more! XD 

She got us this little book,

and some little notebook covers! 

She even got us a little bowl and spoon! 

Now this last goodie, needs some explaining. 

All my sisters have collection. Caroline collects Iwako eraser animals, Mia collects shoes, Molly collects mini Lalaloopsys, Lindsey collects little My Little Pony toys, and so on. 

I recently mentioned I want a collection, and this is what mommy got me as a "Welcome Home" present, and a "Fourth of July" present. 

She got me......



So, that's all. ;) Our mommy is so nice! Thank you mommy! 

And now, for upcoming posts. 

  • Next week is a post series! MORE INFO COMING TOMORROW! 
  • 13 Years of GOTYS
  • Molly is RETIRING? (photostory) 
  • Saige Movie Review (which we saw on the 2nd, btw)
  • Dolls in Hunger Games (dolls we want to customize into Hunger Games characters) 
  • Tour of the Doll House

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  1. Cool! I can't wait for all of the upcoming posts! I'm so excited.

    Adollable Dolls


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