Giveaway with the Whimsical Doll 2!

8:47 PM

Oh, I just love giveaways! It is really fun to be able to give back to all of our AMAZING and lovely followers!

My dolls and I simply love this dress!

To kick off THIS giveaway, let's start with a photostory, and then move to a photoshoot, then start the review, THEN we will tell you how YOU can enter!

Take it away girls!

What to wear for this hour? A floral shirt or this horse tee? 
Oh decisions...
Well.. this horse shirt would go with my zebra shorts...
But floral is SO in right now! 
Maybe I should choose something else...

Ummm hey Mia I really need your help!
Hon, unless it's a fashion emergency, I occupied. 
BUT it IS a fashion emergency! 
How may I help?

Well, you see, I need a dress to wear to my tap dance awards banquet. 
Why don't you just wear your tap outfit?
Well, I'm borrowing Molly's from the 40's...
It's pretty outdated... 
Let me see it! 
WOAH! Yeah sweetie, I can help ya. 

Let's see what I can find...

What about this?
It's a bit to girlish and pink for my's more Kanani's style.
Yeah. Your right.
Are there any colors you prefer?
My favorite color is orange, but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE blue dresses! 

Let me see what else there is......

What about this dress? (A little FWI that IS the dress we are giving away to one lucky commenter! Keep reading!)

That is perfect! 
Glad I could help! Why don't you go try it on?

What do you think?
Lindsey, you look beautiful! 

Aww, thanks! 
Now come on, let's go find some matching shoes! 

What about these blue sandals?
The color doesn't really match.
Yeah, I guess your right. 

What about converse? 
Converse? With a dress?
Yeah, it's ALL the rage right now! 
Umm not really my style..

Oh hi guys! 
Hey Molly, what are you doing in the laundry room? I thought is was Lanie's turn to do laundry. 
Oh, I'm just putting away these cowboy boots.

 Those would be perfect! 
What do you think Lindsey?

And let's just brush your hair...

Voila! A fashion masterpiece! Come on let's go show Abagaile! 

Hey Caroline, have you seen Abagaile?
No, but OHMIGOSH Lindsey! You look simply lovely! Do you think you could help me test out my new camera lens?
Well...what do I have to do?
Just stand outside and look nice...I'm sure you'll be a natural in that dress! 

And now for the review! Here's the laptop ,mom! 
Thanks Lindsey. ;) 

This dress is absolutely stunning! 
The color is just beautiful- my terrible camera just doesn't do it justice! 

All the hems are nice and even, no complaints in that department! 

And the pleats! I have been experimenting lately, and I have recently found that pleats are a VERY hard thing to accomplish! 

It fits the doll well- not too tight- not too big! 

The velcro is sewn to the dress- which is something we LOVE! 

Do you want to win this fabulous dress from The Whimsical Doll 2? 


Comment down below if you want to be entered, but read the rules first....


1. You MUST be able to give out your address! The prize will be sent via the MAIL. 
2. If you win, you must e-mail me within ONE week, or a new winner will have to be chosen. If you comment with your e-mail, I will e-mail you! 


1. Pin it! :D
2. Favorite The Whimsical Doll 2 on Etsy 
3. Buy something from TWD 2 (+10 entries) 

{The photostory used in this post was to show you how EASY it was to create the perfect outfit with this dress! The shoes are not included, the dress, and only the dress are being given away!}

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16 lovely comments

  1. That's such a fun way to introduce a giveaway! I love it! I would also like to be entered :) I can give out my address through email.
    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  2. I loved the Photostory! :). I'd like to be entered! :). I can give out my address, and I also favorited The Whimiscal Doll 2 on Etsy! :). Thx!

  3. It's so cute! I would like to enter, and I favored the Whimsical Doll 2 on etsy with the username funwithagfan!

  4. Great job! I love how you combined a photo story, photo shoot, and giveaway all in one post! I can give my address :D

  5. I pinned it!

  6. Awesome! I loved the photostory! I can give my address! :)

  7. I would like to me entered. Lovely photo story, photo shoot, and dress! :)

    Adollable Dolls

  8. I favorited The Whimsical Doll 2 on Etsy.

    Adollable Dolls

  9. I pinned it on Pinterest.

    Adollable Dolls

  10. Wow! the only dress over there I wasn't fond of was the one-shoulder dress. The fabrics are adorable! I really love polk dots and am glad they are in fashion right now. If I had to pick one, the spring kitty dress & sash would be my favorite.

    Your introduction to the giveaway was fabulous! Cute story.

    Your shoe closet...those are OG displays from Target, right? Were you able to just take an empty one?

    1. Yes actually, we found an empty one, took it to register, and they let us have it! We found a second about a week later. They really come in handy! ;)

    2. Awesome! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for one of those.

  11. By the way, I'd like to enter your giveaway, please. :)

  12. I want to enter the giveaway!!!!

  13. Hi! I'd like to enter. Could you just email me @ Thanks!

  14. I would love to enter! I favorited her shop!


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