30 Facts about me + Boy Dolls!

3:08 PM

I am Chloe.
My dolls and I recently decided to let this be a human & doll type blog. ;)
So here I am.

Who am I?

1. A owner or a lovely five month old puppy
2. A Claire's shopper
3. Headband-a-hollic
4. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream lover!
5. Trekkie <3
6. Doll collector. (I'm not just an AG fan you know!)
7. Blogger
8. Surfer (surfer girl XD)
10. Hunger Games fan!
11. Obsessed with reading!
12. Chocolate Shake lover! :D
13. I squeal (sometimes a quiet shriek) when I find doll sized items at Goodwill.
14. Typically uses proper grammar.
16. I am a believer.
17. I love to draw manga/anime and MLP G4  characters, but I am pretty bad XD
18. My favorite color is either purple, lime green, or yellow!
19. I love the patterns chevron and houndstooth!
21. I love music!
22. My favorite songs typically changes everyday, but currently it is either "Rocks" "Be OK" or "Scream and Shout".
23. My favorite band is either The Beatles or The Black Keys.
24. Solo artist? I like Taylor Swift.
25. Believe it or not, I ACTUALLY USE A CAMERA! Yes, It's a Luminx.
26. Saving up for a Hunger Games doll outfit...just have to find somebody to do a custom order...COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH
27. I love dressing up and feeling pretty, I just don't like people seeing me while I'm all dressed up.
28. I also love the Penderwicks book series.
29. I love mystery books!
30. I am C h l o e.

Well! That was fun! :D

In other news, I just got a pixie cut today, and am able to now do a fabulous Justin Beieber hair flip. (But I highly dislike JB)

Now, I want a boy doll.

I have always wanted one, just I could never make myself do it...
It just seems WRONG, taking a girl, and making her a boy!
Does anybody else think that?

But recently, I have found some pre-made boy dolls.

I want one with blonde hair and blue eyes.

P E E T A   M E L L A R K


I am deciding between two...

This one, is from Enchanted Designer on Etsy, and I think he is REALLY cute! I just HATE his outfit! It comes with really nice boots though...that would be great for a Hunger Games outfit. But he still looks feminine. 

He is also 155$

Above...(sorry so small) is another boy on eBay. I like him much better...his hair looks much more like Peeta's. His eyebrows are bushier which looked weird at first, and are now growing on me. 
He also comes with swim shorts and surfboard. 


He is currently at 129$ with no bidders. 

When he is not Peeta, he would be Austin. I have made a little profile for him:

Name: Austin
Age: 12
Hobby: Surfing and Basketball 
Favorite Band: The Black Keys
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
Favorite Color: Orange (just like Peeta :D) 
Favorite Animal: Giraffe 



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  1. Hi Chloe! I'm Willsbardgirl. I love the Penderwicks too! Which sister is your favorite? What's breed is your puppy? Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best. Two of the yummiest flavors mixed together. If only they made bacon-pizza ice cream, but on second thought, there's a reason they haven't!

    It was nice meeting you,

    Willsbardgirl (meandmygals.wordpress.com)


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