Super Secret Agent Lindsey...finds troubling news....

6:51 AM

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Hello everybody. This morning I was confronted with some upsetting news. I was going through mommy's laptop while she was taking her dog to vet (she is having a surgery today)....and I look in her history. The American Girl website was there okay- that seems normal, right? But it was a CHECKOUT! 
I was like wa? What did mommy buy this time? 

Well, let me show you... (the pictures have been blurred for my safety) 

<-- First thoughts... it's so cute! I love the shoes! Why didn't mommy tell us she buying this? But besides the shoes, it doesn't match our personalities. So why would she buy this? She wouldn't spend that much money just for some boots. 

Cute.. but we don't really have a use for it! None of us need that.....Why did she buy it?-->

<-- Ummmm why did she buy this?

Who needs these? Not me, that
is for sure! -->

<--- I am seriously confused now. There are only 3 things we could actually use in this set! 

What's going on?

And then, I saw this: 

Now it makes sense. 

Great...just great....

Oh no! She's coming! 

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3 lovely comments

  1. Congrats on getting *her*. ;) You will love her! Oops! I haven't posted the hair tutorial! ;) I will asap.

  2. Yay! You will absolutly love her hair!

  3. This post was so funny that I was practically laughing out loud!!!!!


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