Sports Outfits, Scenes, and the new hoodie!

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I apologize if these posts are boring you to death, but we are currently working on a new post series so, we have nothing really to post about. ;)

First off, the new basketball outfit (above). We really loved the old the one! We liked the colors on the old one but they were kind of well..bland. The new one looks more like a girl's basketball team uniform. I don't really know which I like better, but I have a feeling this will be coming home soon. ;)
The outfit looks really cute....just NOT on that doll! 

Okay now the "2-in-1" Track Outfit.

2-in-1? I think not. What makes the old one 2-in-1? It came with long pants, and a jacket. This one just comes with a jacket. Which stinks, because we were saving for the old one. :( There's always eBay though, am I right? XD Anyways, not really impressed here. No long pants, just a jacket....the colors are cute but the old one looked a bit more realistic and would be good for a custom boy too. 

Overall, we like basketball outfit. Hate the track outfit. End of story.

Okay, now to the scenes! 

The one thing this release everybody was intrigued with, is something I had never thought of them making! It is a truly great idea. Scenes! 

American Girl released four of them, and I am curios to see if they will release more in the upcoming releases for the historical or GOTY's.

First, our least favorite, the park scene. 

It's for sure cute and a great idea and would be used frequently at our house! But why don't we like it? It just looks fake. The trees are fake, the pond is fake, the grass is fake, it's all fake! 
One word: unrealistic! 

Okay, now the Gala Scene. 

The Gala scene is really cute, especially the topiaries! It just wouldn't be used a ton over here. And, what's with the name? A gala is a big ol' party! (we know, we saw the my little pony episode XD, but seriously, we did) What's pictured right there is fancy dinner. 

Now, to our favorites;

I think the classroom scene is really amazing! I really love how it includes the AG desks, because if you have them, you could put the in front of the scene and it would like the doll is apart of it. 

Now to our fave, the Winter Fun! 

Even though it's fake just like the park scene, AG did a good job concealing that. ;) We will probably get this during winter time and make a little ice rink in front of it! 

And now, to the new hoodie! 

3 words: Add. To. Bag. 

What do you think of the new items? We'd love to hear! 

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  1. I just love the new hoodie, yet i already have the old one, and the two look really similar.


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