New Dolls + New PJ's + Tropical Bloom!

6:37 AM

Here we go again. ;) 

Let's start with the new dolls! 

Above, is the new MAG #59. She is very pretty....she looks a TON like one of mommy's friends....but we won't bolle getting her. 

And now, #60. (below)

Mommy says that doll will be our sister soon. Most likely to be named Katniss. ;) 

Okay, now for the new PJ's! 

Very cute! We will be picking these up. ;) 

Do you see the weird line on the shirt? coming right across the center? Yeah. We don't like that. We didn't even consider buying it when we first saw it, but now, it's grown on us. We love the shoes and top is a nice color, and the leggings are cute too! 



Well, that's it for today. 


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  1. We have the Tropical Bloom outfit-it's REALLY cute!! That's not a headscarf, it's a headband just so you know... and it really isn't a line, it's more of just the top sewed on.



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