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So just about every post that has been posted within the last 24 hours has been about the new items. Well, here's another one of those posts for ya. ;) 

Above, is the "Mix and Match Collection" from American Girl. We are impressed....these pieces would be great for mixing and matching! but together? No, I don't think so.

Let's take a closer look. ;)

This (above) weird looking green shirt outfit looks just plain....odd. XD

Look at the shirt!

What do you think we are....5 year olds? I haven't worn a "sequined" shirt in YEARS! 

Now, the pants from this outfit look ok, so I'm not going to get into those...but the shoes..

Now, I can see where they got the yellow! The hair clip in the outfit is also yellow. I think I'm the only person that actually thinks the outfit is color coordinated. :P 
But ummm why is there blue bows? It looks cute and would be great for mixing and matching but not with this outfit! 

Moving on to the hoodie outfit.

That doll modeling that outfit, do you see her? Meet mommy's newest doll obsession. sigh....

Anyways the hoodie...

Do you see the weird little orange lines at the arms? Does anybody else think that is weird?

That's about it with that outfit....it's okay...

Now, the Sweater Outfit.


I mean, you wear sweaters in the winter, but do you wear skirts? 
You wear skirts in the summer but do you wear a sweater? 

Yeah. I didn't think so. 

Anyways, we love the pattern of the skirt and the headband, but the shoes....


I mean seriously? 


But, if you buy all the outfits together, you get these bonus accessories. (above) which are really cute! :D

Now, you've heard all our ranting...but why do we still want to buy them? 

Picture via Doll Diaries

Right there. Now all the outfits look great! Except, the one in the top left that is just too much orange. :P 

Do you like them?

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5 lovely comments

  1. I really like the shoes on all three. XD But that is about it! :P

  2. I really like the hoodie outfit. I think it's really cute, but the green outfit.....Wow! It's so.....plain and boring!

    Adollable Dolls

    1. Well, sometimes plain and boring is for the best. ;)

  3. I have the same opinoins.


  4. Well, I really like the sweater outfit- kind of. I mean, I totally get what your saying about the sweater...that's the problem. Maybe the should have made the shirt short sleeved and not a sweater, ya know? And hate the shoes with that outfit. I love the shoes with outfit #1, but the shirt-blah. And yes why the blue bows? And the shoes are ok on #3 but I'm not much into the jeans and hoodie.
    Thanks for sharing!


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