Giant chunks of hair are now sold from American Girl!

5:56 AM

So...a little FYI American Girl has come out with new items today. ;)

We all new this was coming.......

<--- That thing....right there. Not the doll, she is actually nice to look at. Not her outfit, that's OK too. It's the giant ridiculously enormous chunk of  hair now sold from American Girl. Can you believe it? WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WILL PAY 20$ (which can change a person's life you know!) FOR A PIECE OF HAIR MADE TO LOOK LIKE A BUN! 

I wouldn't. We're sorry if we are offending you, but these are our personal opinions. ;)

I mean, honestly! That is just teaching young girls to be like those stuck up children from Toddlers and Tiaras! It is modeled on a short haired doll. (don't her number...) and yes, it would be cool to be able to have a bun for your short haired dolls. My sister, Abagaile, is MAG 37. She would love be able to have a bun! Naturally though. Not by spending a fortune for a fake hairpiece.  I don't WHAT AG was thinking with this item. 

Now lets see what other hair stuff they have. 

This curly pony (right) is just as bad as the bun. For 18 whopping dollars, you can buy a hair extension that goes down to your doll's behind! YAY! No. Just kidding! That is seriously just like Toddlers and Tiara's. I mean just ugggg! What were you thinking? That is ridiculously LONG! I have a feeling the people who buy this are the people that missed out on Kanani. :P. But, this doll modeling the ponytail. I could give her a ponytail myself! I could make it curly (curlers from AG, or dip her hair in hot water while in curlers ;) ) 

That ponytail just looks wrong.

Moving on. 

To your left, we have highlights. For 12$. Now, when we were looking at these, they had a video showing how to put these on. Which was pretty cool, if you ask me. ;) But, if you just want the pink one, that costs 3$ from the Springfield collection (sold at Micheal's and JoAnn's).....notice a price difference? You could probably color the one from Springfield to get the color you want too. Anyways, during the video they showed the purple highlight on a doll with black hair (don't the number...) and it looked AMAZING! We might get this if we get that doll. ;) 

Now, the only thing we most likely may buy is this braided headband...(below)

It's not a big chunk of hair, and it's not a whopping 20$ so..maybe. But this is the only new hair piece that we consider buying..maybe. It still feels weird to think about buying fake chunks of hair..

So, what do you think about the new hair stuff?

We aren't impressed. 

More thoughts coming in future posts for new items. ;) 

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2 lovely comments

  1. I love to do hair, so I'm definetly getting some of these! But I hate the bun!

  2. Yes, it's ridiculous to charge people that much for HAIR! I mean seriously...whatever, I'm not buying.


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